This Zelda reminiscing will make you smile

Great essay by Game Informer’s Jeff Cork on struggling to find a copy of the Legend of Zelda in 1987.

Do a barrel role! Google loves Star Fox

Quick! Google “Do a barrel roll” then hit enter. Fun!

Did you know? Zelda was originally called “Hyrule Fantasy”

To get you more hyped than you already are for Zelda’s next romp on Nov. 20, read that and other 1986 factoids at Zelda Universe. Thanks, Cody

The 10 most gameplay enabling Nintendo systems

Nintendo has a rich history of innovative and gameplay contributing hardware. You know: new hardware twists that improve the way we interactive with games. Having played all of the company’s systems since 1986, here’s how I’d rank ’em in terms of most gameplay enabling to least gameplay enabling: Nintendo DS. Whose to blame for the ongoing touch gaming revolution? This litt...

USB-enabled NES controllers will turn you into a bigger pirate and open your eyes to great homebrew games

Computer emulators and ROM games are fun for about 10 seconds. After that, you realize how sucky they are without official controllers. Enter Infinite NES Lives, a one man shop that hacks console controllers to work with USB and/or Wii. Other DIY methods and USB vendors exist, but Paul Molloy from Infinite NES prides himself on only using original controllers. The result? So good, you’ll l...

What Nintendo purchase do you regret most?

I’m sure I got burned in the 8, 16, and 32-bit days. But the one Nintendo game I most regret buying was Star Fox Adventures Assault for GameCube. Before plopping down for it, I hadn’t bought a Star Fox game game since the original gangster version for SNES. I thought it would similarly be fun. It wasn’t. It sucked. It was obviously intended for a much younger audience. $50—g...

“Sonic, I don’t hate you anymore.”

Nintendo Power editor Chris Slate wrote a great column this month on Sonic vs Mario. I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to share. Here it is transcribed in its entirety from print to internet: Sonic, when you first burst on the scene bragging about blast processing, I kind of hated your guts. For me, no other platformer came close the Super Mario series. So when some friends suddenly sided with the ne...

Would it be possible to make an HD console that can’t render 3D graphics?

You know, to make a new 2D console that looks nice on our HDTVs… so developers could focus on only 2D experiences and not be tempted to dabble in 3D.

Best gameplay description ever?

As part of my summer-long quest to relive classic Game Boy games, I bought Final Fight One recently. Good game, as expected. What’s better is the game’s listed gameplay features. Whoever wrote these deserves a gold star. 

My GBA recase is better than yours

My backlit GBA used to be babysitter blue. But thanks to a tip from Infendo reader richufc, it’s now jet black with all new buttons. The skinny: I bought what is seemingly an official replacement case from Hong Kong for dirt cheap: $4.30 with shipping. Bought a couple of drivers for $5 more smackers. Then followed doginmylense’s wonderful tutorial for navigating the more trickier par...

Nintentunes, your one stop shop for your retro music fix!

Today we will take a journey to Nintendo past through the power of music. Most of my memories playing video games don’t involve any graphics or gameplay at all, but instead it’s the music that stays with me. I’m willing to bet the same can be said for many of you gamers as well, so I hope this music retrospective is enjoyable for you. Click on through if things that are awesome...

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