How would you rank Nintendo consoles?

This week, the smart, handsome, and “hang on every word they say” writers of Infendo had an internal discussion about better than expected 3DS reception. In an effort to defend my still estranged relationship with 3DS, I ranked all major Nintendo consoles as follows, from the most “wow” moments to the fewest (if any):

Wii > DS > GameCube > GBA > NES > SNES > N64 > Game Boy > 3DS > Virtual Boy

Overall, I suppose that’s also how I would rank my favorites, although I suspect NES might be a little higher, even though in hindsight it didn’t amaze me as much as Wii, DS, GCN, and GBA. Furthermore, I’m open to 3DS climbing that list with “never before seen” gameplay.

In any case, how would your rank Nintendo consoles relative to each other, in terms of which made you smile the most so far?