How would you rank Nintendo consoles?


This week, the smart, handsome, and “hang on every word they say” writers of Infendo had an internal discussion about better than expected 3DS reception. In an effort to defend my still estranged relationship with 3DS, I ranked all major Nintendo consoles as follows, from the most “wow” moments to the fewest (if any):

Wii > DS > GameCube > GBA > NES > SNES > N64 > Game Boy > 3DS > Virtual Boy

Overall, I suppose that’s also how I would rank my favorites, although I suspect NES might be a little higher, even though in hindsight it didn’t amaze me as much as Wii, DS, GCN, and GBA. Furthermore, I’m open to 3DS climbing that list with “never before seen” gameplay.

In any case, how would your rank Nintendo consoles relative to each other, in terms of which made you smile the most so far?


  1. Mine would be:

    DS > GBA > SNES > GB > Wii > Everything else that I haven’t owned
    #I didn’t add 3DS because it’s too new, and I haven’t played anything /must-have/ on it yet

    Including all consoles, it would probably look more like:

    PSP > DS > PS2 > GBA > SNES > GB > 360 > Wii ~3DS
    #Same as above for 3DS

    I do love me my handhelds, these days. So many absolutely great RPGs, especially on the PSP and DS, and the PS2 was the same way. I do enjoy my 360, but I don’t have too many games to play on it–I only own three 360 games because a very large margin of games are FPS or TPS, which I just can’t play for whatever reason. I’m just horrid at them, no matter how much I practice, I just can’t get used to dual analog control.

    As for the low ranking on Wii, don’t take it personally. I just don’t like most implementations of motion control. In fact, the only traditional-style game that I came close to enjoying having motion control in was Skyward Sword, and even that was pretty bad, all things considered. Games like Fishing Resort have very good motion controls, and I like that, but it’s a very untraditional, and pretty silly, game.

  2. N64 > NES > SNES > DS > Wii > GC > whatever else > Virtual Boy

    Loved the change to 3D gaming that the N64 brought. Making Mario run in a circle, Kart 64, Goldeneye, OoT…. everything about what I wanted in gaming was changed for the better that generation.

    NES was classic. SNES was great, but I never had it and therefore dont appreciate it as much as the NES, DS is good, Wii is fine but uninteresting to me….

    so N64 number 1 for sure.

  3. Well I am going to only do the home consoles as DS is best handheld for me at the moment and the 3DS has to prove itself.

    SNES > GameCube > Wii

    I never had a N64 as I was a PC gamer at the time. NES was too expensive for and my parents didn’t have money to buy me on (and I was to young to get myself a job).

  4. SNES>Wii>NES>DS>GBA>Gamecube>3DS>Game Boy>N64>Virtual Boy.

    My fondest video game memories are still with the Super Nintendo. Most of my favorite iterations of franchises were found on that console.

    I never had much love for the N64. It was the only console I sold because I gave up on it. Never owned a Virtual Boy, though.

  5. Wii>DS>3DS>GC>SNES>N64>GBA>NES>GBC>GB>Any Game & Watch>VBoy

  6. N64 > GameCube > Wii > 3DS > DS > Game Boy > Everything else

    I always feel like the Cube is so terribly underrated :/

  7. SNES > Gamecube > N64 > DS > GBA >Wii > 3DS > NES > GBC > GB > Virtual Boy

    3DS still has room to grow as it is still fairly new, but right now it’s right smack-dab in the middle.

    I totally agree with you, the Gamecube always gets flack for some reason, but some of my favorite memories ever are of me and 6-8 friends huddled around a Gamecube, 4 controllers, and Smash Brothers Melee. Those tournaments boards we created were epic (complete with round robin play and a playoff, classic).

  8. Most “WOW!” moments, huh? Hmm.

    3DS –> Wii –> Gamecube –> N64 –> Every other Nintendo console I haven’t owned

  9. Oops! I forgot DS and GBASP…. Oops.

    3DS –> Wii –> DS –> Gamecube –> N64 –> GBASP –> Every other Nintendo console I haven’t owned

    Sorry ’bout that!

  10. I’m just going to list the ones I have owned:
    Wii->3ds->N64->Gameboy->DS->Gameboy Advance-> Gamecube

  11. From what I have owned. Except SNES, my uncle has that and I’ve played it well enough to add to the list.

  12. i dont think its fair to compare consoles to handhelds so for me i will go with
    my top 3 could be different tomorrow esp 1 and 2 N64 is 3rd even tho mario 64 might be my all time top favorite memory but all in all i played more playstation and 1 and 2 both owned theyre respective generation, NES fourth mostly because i was too young to remember it but i did play tones of mario 3, mario, duck hunt and final fantasy wii last because outside of about 7 games the system has been trash and my biggest nintendo disappointment ever excluding virtual boy which i own. i am a much bigger console guy but i have owned every nintendo handheld so here goes, keep in mind 3ds is not eligible for overall rankings
    once again i went with nastalgia and i also counted GB and GBC as one so it beat the ds gbc had some great games look no further than the ambassador games however it was extremely port heavy so it came in last

  13. @Monkat
    you are such a douche

  14. @Frank

    Love you too, cupcake!

  15. I’m big on the SNES. It’s my favorite system ever, but a lot of that is nostalgia.

  16. snes>nes>gba – nuff said

  17. @Monkat
    your opinion sucks bro

  18. N64>Nes>Wii>DS>3DS>GC>GBA>SNES>GB>Virtual Boy>

    I dont like SNES aside from a few gems. The truth has finally come out

  19. Wow! I’m surprised to see a (relatively) large amount of votes for N64 as number one!

    Even back when I was a young’n, and I saw commercials for Majora’s Mask (not to mention a demo kiosk at Target!), I admit that I was impressed, as well. Say what you will, I thought that the graphics were so photo-realistic that we just couldn’t get any better! Of course, looking back, I could not have been more wrong, but you know.

    Eventually, I played my uncle’s N64 with my cousin. We played Pokémon Stadium and Donkey Kong 64–not exactly showpieces for the system, necessarily, but I wasn’t impressed. I thought that it was ugly, after being so up-close, I thought that it was difficult to get my head around the controls, and I thought that they were way too open and without direction. Thinking back, that last note was probably due to the 3D nature as well–well, for DK, Pokémon Stadium, as I recall, was a bit of a mini-game collection?

    Anyway, from previous polls and such, I remember that N64 always came near dead-last in popularity contests. Certainly, I’m not disagreeing with seeing it up there so much, it’s just surprising.

  20. NES






    GameBoy Advance



    Virtual Boy

  21. Well I haven’t owned the lot of them so I will add what I owned in order of preference.

    DS lite > Wii > 3DS > SNES > N64.

    I can see the 3DS moving ahead of DS very shortly. I tried to love the 64, I really did, but I just couldn’t get past the terrible fuzzyness of the graphics. Any games that did look good on it, good textures and what not were then hit with terrible frame rates so the 64 is my personal weakest system I have ever owned, Nintendo or not.

  22. Snes- N64-Wii-Gamecube-Gameboy-DS-3DS
    i never owned an NES :/

  23. Nes>wii>snes>gcn>n64>ds>3ds
    This is the order I would rank the systems I have owned. Of all these, the 3ds is the only purchase I regret.

  24. Of the ones I have owned, ranked on their magic:

    NES > GameCube > 3DS > Wii > DS

    The only systems I have owned simultaneously have been Wii + DS or Wii + 3DS. In these cases:
    3DS > Wii but Wii > DS

  25. Wii U > 3DS > Wii > DS > GameCube > N64 > GBA > SNES > NES > Game Boy > Virtual Boy

    Already taking “hindsight” into consideration. The toughest decision for me was N64 vs GBA.


  27. going with most personal hours spent on Nintendo consoles…
    GBA > DS > Wii > 3DS > Gamecube > SNES > NES > N64

    For me, back in 2001, the GBA was such a great portable, I spent stupid hours on titles on it. (Zone of Enders was a title I spent an entire night playing through, I just couldn’t put it down, I know, I’m goofy, but back in the day, it didn’t take much to entertain me LOL) I also feel that this console was a revival for 2D platforming and action/run-and-shoot titles. I remember being amazed by the 32-bit classics being done on it. This system just seemed to scratch an itch that the home consoles abandoned. To this day, I still play through metroid fusion and metroid zero mission. I wish that they would do another 2d platform metroid.

    The DS brought some incredible new tactile experiences, some of the touch gaming it provided was just incredible. The Wii has seen far less hours with me then XB360 and PS3, but the two Zelda titles and Res Evil 4 were such great implementations for motion control. Nintendo has fathered great gaming options.

  28. NES >SNES>Wii > DS > GameCube > GBA >N64>Game Boy

    Can’t really comment on the VB since I never owned one and the 3DS is still too new to rank. Still, the 3DS will probably place high on my list by holiday 2013.

  29. They are shit and always underpowered. I HATE NINTENDO!!!!!!!!

  30. @Matthew
    haha easy cowboy. If you look back, until the Wii, most of the the Nintendo consoles were actually the MOST powerful consoles on the market when you look solely at the number crunching ability of the machine.

    NES < Master System SNES > Genesis (arguably)
    N64 > PS1
    Gamecube > PS2
    Wii < Ps3 and Xbox 360 The more you know.

  31. knowing is half the battle!

  32. For me consolas would be:

    and handhelds:

    You can tell I wasn’t a lot into handhelds until DS arrived

  33. SNES>N64>GC>360>DS>Amiga>Wii>GBA>Xbox>PSP>Genesis>GB>Master System>Saturn>3D0>Atari 2600>Jaguar

    Well, the Snes remains the pinacle of hardcore gaming for me. It’s the reason hy we love gaming.

    Still the best console EVER for me 🙂

    NB : too early to rate my 3DS.

  34. For consoles:
    SNES > N64 > GCN = Wii

    I was too young when the NES came out, so SNES was my first system. Of course I’ve gone back and played NES games now, but they obviously don’t have the “wow” factor they would have in the late 80s…

    I agree with Nfanboy that SNES remains the pinnacle of hardcore gaming. So many solid games… Super Metroid, Link to the Past, Super Mario World, the origin of Mario Kart, Lost Vikings (did anybody else play that!?).

    As for N64 “wow” moments… my brother and I played battle on Block Fort for 8 hrs straight the day we bought our N64 with Mario Kart…

  35. I totally disagree with you, Blake. Here’s my ranking:

    GBA > Wii > GB > GBC > SNES > DS > N64 > NES

    I’ve never owned nor played through emulators anything else

  36. GC – N64 – SNES – NES – Wii
    I only play Zelda games. My N64 came with a Donkey Kong game and I tried it but never got into it. I’ve never owned a GB or DS although I did play my nephew’s. I too loved my GC probably because it came with 5 Zelda games and I was able to buy an attachment that allowed me to play GB games so I was able to play LTTP, one of my all time favorites along with OOT. Wii is ranked last only because I just got it and haven’t really gotten used to it yet. I agree that GC is underated, I’ve spent many happy hours playing Zelda on it and my 4 yr. old grandson learned to play Zelda on it.

  37. SNES >> NES > GBA > GB/GBC > N64 > Gamecube > WII = DS = 3DS

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