“Sonic, I don’t hate you anymore.”

Nintendo Power editor Chris Slate wrote a great column this month on Sonic vs Mario. I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to share. Here it is transcribed in its entirety from print to internet:

Sonic, when you first burst on the scene bragging about blast processing, I kind of hated your guts. For me, no other platformer came close the Super Mario series.

So when some friends suddenly sided with the new Sega Genesis poster boy, I took it personally. And then when someone insisted that Sonic the Hedgehog was better than Super Mario World, I got downright angry. How could the deep, complex gameplay of a Mario masterpiece possibly be outclassed by a game that uses only three buttons that all do the same thing?

Years later, you almost had me with Sonic Adventure and its tempting Dreamcast graphics, but the dark days of slumping sequels and countless hedgehog clone characters soon followed, and I was happy to watch you tumble from the top. But then you kept falling… and falling… and finally, when it seemed like everyone was turning against you, I couldn’t help rooting for the underdog.

My support must have given you a boost, because your subsequent games go better and better, from the decent Sonic Unleashed to the oustanding Sonic Colors. And I’m pleased to say that I’ve enjoyed your return to glory much more than your fall from grace.

Happy 20th birthday, Sonic. If Mario can shake your hand at the Olympic Games, then I supoose I can too. (Super Mario World still owns you , though.)

11 Responses to “Sonic, I don’t hate you anymore.”

  1. Waltendo says:

    Sweet post. I love Mario more but Sonic the Hedgehog was my very first videogame so he means a lot to me.

  2. gojiguy says:

    I find that Super Mario World and Sonic 3&Knuckles together make the absolute best platforming experience to ever grace video games.

    Though, while Sonic 3, K, and 2 are technically better… My heart will always be with Sonic Adventure 2.

  3. Jared says:

    Why do people get defensive when their friends no longer like the things they do?…I mean…really?

  4. mlove99 says:

    What a great read… I could relate to every single sentence! I’m definitely rooting for Sonic nowadays 🙂

  5. Yellow Bear says:

    sonic adventure 2 battle, and sonic DX are still 2 of the best games I own

  6. deepthought says:

    @ Jared

    People interpret criticisms of their hobbies and preferences as criticisms and judgments of their personal worth. They seek to validate themselves, part, through “objective” validation of their hobbies. The subjective personal worth of a hobby (or other preference, activity, or consumption) is frequently not enough to feel comfortable as a social outlier.

  7. Alvarou says:

    What deepthought said plus add that the writer was like 8 back then??

  8. deepthought says:

    ha- yeah, what Alvarou said.

  9. JG says:

    The old Mario vs. Sonic rivalry is long gone. There’s a whole generation of kids who know and care nothing of it. Those of us who ARE old enough to remember simply don’t care anymore.; SEGA is just another publisher now like EA.

  10. Mohan says:

    I tried the demo of Sonic Generations on the PS3 and it’s a fun game, I am actually going to buy it.

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