Gaming’s most recognizable character revealed


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Who is the most recognizable video game character according to the 2010 Gamers’ Edition of the Guiness World book of records? Hit the jump to find out!


A whopping 94% of Americans can identify Pac-Man. Hungry more for world records than he is ghosts, Pac-Man has edged out Mario in this feat by just one percent. Although the insatiable yellow ghost-eater has beaten Mario in terms of name recognition, as of 2008 Mario holds the records for “Best Selling Video Game Series of All Time,” “First Movie Based on an Existing Video Game” and “Most Prolific Video Game Character.”

Our little red plumber may not be the most recognizable video game character, but he’s been in over 100 different games. Beat that you yellow-bellied ghost chaser.


  1. They forgot to mention that was Mario was in the first *BAD* movie based off of a video game. A first of a long line that continues to this day. 🙂

  2. Barring near term immortality, I expect this to rapidly reverse in approximately 30 years or so as the foagies creak off this mortal coil.

  3. elmer’s right ask anyone under 40 who the most recognizable game icon is and its surely mario. anyone older than that is just remembering when they played games like pacman or pong not realizing a whole bunch has changed from the 70’s until the time when they bought their wii sports.

  4. +1 for the Pacman pic with an Elise.

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