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Help me choose my wife’s next DS game

My wife doesn’t play many games — maybe 2-3 per year, if that. When she does, she prefers the DS. Here are some of the games she’s most enjoyed in recent years: Picross 3D Bejeweled Tetris/Dr. Mario Sudoku Phoenix Wright

Unwound Future astounds and delivers

The credits roll, you watch the epilogue, then you close your DS and stare into space for a moment, your head swimming with thoughts of loved ones, partings, and things you’d do differently in life if you had a second

Professor Layton and the Middle-aged Dimwit

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future may be one of my favorite games this year: Polished, spectacular, classy, funny and intriguing. But it’s sure not helping my self-esteem. Seriously, either this series has gotten more difficult since its first tale

WiiWare: Night Game by Nicalis

NYCC: Twisted Towers and Roogoo Attack

At Comic Con a week or so ago I had the chance to play Twisted Towers and Roogoo Attack with one of the developers from SouthPeak Games. To be honest I thought the puzzle genre was dead, you could only

Review: Mortimer Beckett and the secrets of Spooky Manor

Mortimer Beckett and the secrets of Spooky Manor is a one game in a series of Mortimer Beckett PC games. Spooky Manor is one of three different games that Real Arcade has decided to use to jump into the console