Pokémon Black and White is so Sugoi ne…

Warning: Very Japanese: TV program Pokemon Sunday just revealed the first video footage of Pokemon Black and White, though it was of the city screenshot that was already revealed in the leaked CoroCoro magazine scans last week. What do you guys think about this? Could this be one of the first 3DS titles?

Infendo Leftovers-Pokemon:Explorers of Sky

I confess Infendo Readers, I have a debt – and that debt has a name:  Pokemon: Explorers of Sky.  I hadn’t touched a Pokemon title since classic Red & Blue when Explorers of Sky landed on my desk – but there it was – a wildly different Pokemon game with new creatures, new challenges, and a deadline stiffly ignored.  Why did this review get swept under the carpet?  I...

Update: Get a Shaymin by Tricking your DS!!

It’s been brought to my attention that these Pokemon could be hacked. I was lead to believe that the DNS service let you get legit Japanese event Pokemon. If you want to be legit player; I would advise that you release the Pokemon you received. SHAYMIN starts at Lv. 50 and comes with a Micle Berry. It’s Original Trainer is Movie11 (how awesome is that) and he comes with the following m...

The most intense Pokemon TF2 cross over ever

This is the most intense cross over between Team Fortress 2 and Pokemon Soul Silver/Heart Gold. You could conisdeer this a very late Youtube Tuesday, or a very early one if you want to think of it that way. What are your thoughts on this video?

Nintendo Spotting: Pokémon Easter Eggs

Never has an Easter Egg been so proud to be decorated than it has been today. Graced with the red, black and white color scheme of a Pokéball, this egg might be confused for the real thing by any Pokémon Trainer. You can find another Pokémon themed egg after the jump!

Go on a Stroll Through Yellow Forest on April 1st

Can your Pikachu Fly? How about Surf?!?! No, not those crappy hacked Pokemon, everyone knows those don’t count. From April 1st through April 30th, those of us who are happily enjoying Pokemon Soul Silver or Heart Gold will be able to connect for the first Wi-Fi Mystery Gift for HG/SS. You’ll be able to recieve the Yellow Forest Route Map, which will unlock a new route for your Pokewalk...

Introducing the Infendo Art Challenge

I’m somewhat of an artist in my spare time, and I thought I can’t be the only one. Over in the forums, we’re starting  something for the artist in each of you. We’ll introduce a theme, and give you a month to work on your creation. When you’re done (whether its a pencil sketch, ink doodle, full color photoshop creation, or cosplay), post a picture in the forums. At t...

Participate in Infendo Live, Win special Jirachi!

If you would like your chance at winning a Jirachi, one of the rare legendary Pokemon, be sure to listen and participate in the Live Podcast this Wednesday. We usually begin a show around 9pm or 10pm EST, and the selection will begin after the show is done recording. This is a legit Pokemon acquired from one of the giveaways held by Nintendo, and will be traded to the winner after the show. So be ...

Wait…What’s Left?Looking Forward to E3

Before the dust settles after this morning’s press event, I am already thinking about E3.  With almost all of Nintendo’s loose ends tied up this morning, that leaves me thinking about what they didn’t tell us: the second half of the year.

Welcome to Comicon—catch ’em all!

Anyone in California right now for ComiCon? I really need to start going to more shows. I have like 23 days of vacation left this year!