Update: Get a Shaymin by Tricking your DS!!

shayminwj9It’s been brought to my attention that these Pokemon could be hacked. I was lead to believe that the DNS service let you get legit Japanese event Pokemon. If you want to be legit player; I would advise that you release the Pokemon you received.

SHAYMIN starts at Lv. 50 and comes with a Micle Berry. It’s Original Trainer is Movie11 (how awesome is that) and he comes with the following moves!! Seed Flare (hot stuff!), Aromatherapy (soothing stuff!), Substitute (tricky stuff!), and Energy Ball (Kinetic stuff!).

To get a Shaymin all you have to do is follow the instructions below!

1. Start up your copy of Pokemon on your Nintendo DS. You can use any DS version Pokemon.
2. Go to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings.
3. Edit the settings for your connection.
4. Set “Auto-obtain DNS” to NO.
5. Set the “Primary DNS” to
6. Save settings and return to your game.
7. Go to the GTS (Global Trading System) in-game. If you get a connection error, it probably means the server is busy but don’t give up!
8. When you connect to the GTS, you should receive the EVENT POKEMON automatically.
9. ????
10. After receiving it you should immediately back out of the GTS before you get a disconnection error and check if you have Shaymin (party/box).

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