Introducing the Infendo Art Challenge



I’m somewhat of an artist in my spare time, and I thought I can’t be the only one. Over in the forums, we’re starting  something for the artist in each of you. We’ll introduce a theme, and give you a month to work on your creation. When you’re done (whether its a pencil sketch, ink doodle, full color photoshop creation, or cosplay), post a picture in the forums. At the end of the month, we’ll hold a vote and let you, the Infendo readers, declare a winner!

So grab that sketch pad, boot up Illustrator, and show us what you’ve got! I know I’ll be posting some of my own work in the contest as well.



  1. Neat! I rarely have time to enter art contests anymore, but I always enjoy looking at other entries. And hey, maybe I’ll find some spare time to compete.

  2. Hopefully I’ll get some free time to submit something.

    … and why does that picture have Ryu with a bunch of Pokemon???

    You should do a TvC art contest next!

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