Introducing: The Infendo Forums!

Many times, there are great discussions that occur in the comments of a post, only to be lost as new articles push the old down the page.  With the return of the Infendo Forums, the discussion can not only continue in an organized location, but you can also create new topics for items you want to discuss! Whether you want to gossip about a new game, get some help with a retro cartridge, or just jo...

Introducing the Infendo Art Challenge

I’m somewhat of an artist in my spare time, and I thought I can’t be the only one. Over in the forums, we’re starting  something for the artist in each of you. We’ll introduce a theme, and give you a month to work on your creation. When you’re done (whether its a pencil sketch, ink doodle, full color photoshop creation, or cosplay), post a picture in the forums. At t...

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