Nintendo Spotting

Nintendo Spotting: Zelda hockey jersey

Aside from being a lifelong fan of Nintendo, I myself have an undying love for the sport of hockey. Out of sheer surprise, the two loves of my life crossed paths last night. While in the second intermission of a Western Conference Divisional Playoff game between the Chicago Blackhawks and my hometown St. Louis Blues, I saw in the distance a man wearing a green jersey. At first glance, I figured it...

Nintendo Spotting: A lost Nintendo peripheral appears from nowhere

I mentioned at the end of the latest episode of Infendo Radio that I came across an old Nintendo peripheral at my local shopping mall. This, ladies and gentlemen, is my short story of an old handheld peripheral coming back into my life. While getting a haircut at a local mall, I was walking past a claw machine, originally used for prizes such as PSPs, Nintendo DSes, and various oversized plushes o...

Nintendo Spotting: Mario, Kirby, and Pikachu chalk art

While attending class at DePaul University, Infendo reader Anthony Colon spotted some Nintendo-related chalk art at a nearby street. Anthony stated this in an email accompanying the above photo: “It was definitely a nice reminder of my childhood.” Couldn’t agree anymore, Anthony. Plus, chalk art (especially in college towns) is always a welcome sight.

Nintendo Spotting: License To Game

All I can say is this is one sweet custom license plate!

Nintendo Spotting: Hiroshi Yamauchi

Pretty sure that I just snapped a picture of Hiroshi Yamauchi, the 14th richest man in Japan and Nintendo’s largest shareholder. What was Yamauchi-san doing tonight in LA? Well, looking after his former company of course! After all, he was once president of Nintendo of Japan!

Nintendo spotting: Dirty Dutch train station edition

It’s been a long time since we’ve posted a Nintendo Spotting. Here’s the latest from Infendo reader Danny: “Triforce spotted at “Amsterdam Amstel’ train station in Amsterdam, Netherlands. No didn’t draw it myself 🙂 Thanks, Danny

Nintendo Spotting: Luckiest baby ever edition

Growing up, I was lucky enough to have the Nintendo hardware goods (consoles, Game Boy, etc), but never the “extras” that would have truly solidified my standing as the neighborhood fan-infant and later fanboy. Sheets, custom room, stickers—never really had any of that, sadly. This little guy, on the other hand, is starting life off right thanks to a dedicated dad with a steady h...

Awesome Kid Icarus Mouse Pad

Check out this sweet Kid Icarus mouse pad that features the queen of darkness herself, Medusa. There’s a bunch of cool mouse pads out there in the world, but not many that feature Nintendo characters. Also, on the subject, does anyone even use mouse pads anymore? Or do you have any cool gaming related ones like this?

Nintendo Spotting: Antique Game and Watch

Infendo reader Marc Cote writes, “I saw this in an antique shop. Didn’t purchase it, but I did think of you guys.” Thanks, Marc.

Nintendo Spotting – Big Apple 3am

This is one of the awesome things you can come across somewhere in New York at 3 in the morning. Anyone ever make or do street side Nintendo Art?

Nintendo Spotting: Pokémon Easter Eggs

Never has an Easter Egg been so proud to be decorated than it has been today. Graced with the red, black and white color scheme of a Pokéball, this egg might be confused for the real thing by any Pokémon Trainer. You can find another Pokémon themed egg after the jump!