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A Friend Indeed: My Nintendo Power Collage

Mushroom Kingdom birthday cakes, NES beds, master sword quilts…Nintendo fans tend to celebrate their passion in crazy, time-intensive ways. Thanks to my friend Lindsay, I own my own little unique Nintendo creation. These three collages were made from Nintendo Power

Sad survey: Majority of gamers don’t miss arcades

The March issue of Nintendo Power has a survey in which they asked readers if they missed arcades or not. Only 43% said yes. 30% said not really. 27% said they never frequented arcades. How sad. For any younglings in

New Year’s resolutions for Nintendo characters

In their January issue, Nintendo Power compiled a fun list of New Year’s resolutions for your “favorite and not-so-favorite video game characters.” Here are the ones that made me chuckle, if not outright laugh in the case of Starman: Pitt:

Infendo Radio 192 discovers the unknown!

Infendo Radio gets cowboy’d up (not really) to talk about the development costs of the 3DS, the legacy of Nintendo Power, and an odd relic Alexis extracted from a strange land known as “good will.”  What is this artifact? Where

Nintendo Power Subscriptions 5$ on Amazon

Amazon.com is having an amazing DEAL on Nintendo Power right now, and a few other select gaming magazines. You can pick up a year’s subscription for 5$!! Amazon’s offer lasts until June 5. Just think what you could do with

Nintendo Power got me excited for WarioWare DIY

This has happened to me a couple of times now: I know a game is coming out, it sounds interesting, but I never give it much thought.  Nintendo Power shows up in my mailbox, has a feature on said game,