Nintendo Power past, present, and future

Kyle Orland from Crispy Gamer scored an informative interview with Chris Slate on what it’s like to be the editor of the most storied game magazine in history. After Orland asks how in the world Nintendo Power can endure another 20 years in light of cyberspace tabloids, Slate responds:

The simple answer is that print is never going to go away; it’s a different type of experience and has a unique relationship with the reader. I check several Web sites every day to keep up with the latest news, but when I sit down with a magazine it’s different — it isn’t about actively searching for things, but passively relaxing and enjoying the experience. Magazines used to be the only way that game players could get information or feel like they were part of a larger gaming community, but now the Internet serves those needs better than we ever could. However, [print] can filter out the endless noise of thousands of online game previews and blog entries, zero in on what is most important to readers for that specific month, and give the biggest stories the extra space and unrestricted design options to present more satisfying articles. That’s the goal, anyway, and we work our hardest to reach it each and every issue.