Ex-Team Ninja staff work on new TMNT game

According to reports from the newest issue of Nintendo Power, Ubisoft will be publishing a new four-player fighting game based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But it’s who’s developing the title that’s interesting.

Supposedly, the team tasked with creating this 2.5D brawler is comprised of former Team Ninja staffers and folks who worked on Super Smash Bros. Brawl. GoNintendo is reporting that the Wii-bound fighter is scheduled for a late 2009 release and will feature online play said to outperform Brawl.

An Ubisoft rep is quoted as saying that the game, while licensed, is not directly tied to a movie or television show, but will be a standalone effort. Our interest in the turtles couldn’t be much lower, as a grown man, but given the pedigree of the developers, we’ll say “Go, ex-Team Ninja, go!”

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  1. Sounds interesting. But really, just give me a good side scolling beat ’em up ala Turtles in Time or Castle Crashers with some stylish visuals and smooth, drop in/drop out online gameplay and I’ll be there with bells on.

    But outperfomring Brawl’s online? That shouldn’t be too hard

    Turtle Power!

  2. If this is anything like TMNT Tournament Fighters for the SNES then I’m there day 1.

  3. No problem! Infendo!

  4. …wait so this is not a beat ’em up like the arcade turtles game? Ick… Honestly the Turtles license is a draw for me when coupled with a competent development team. TURTLE POWER!!!

  5. the dev team sounds amazing, team ninja meets smash bros brawl? Could be pretty awesome.

  6. bring back the yellow dragon thing, lol.

  7. I am a rabid TMNT fan, but most of their games in recent history have been mediocre at best. From the sound of it, the developers that will be working on this project could prove to be that glimmer of hope I need. Since they’re not trying to tie it in to a movie release or anything like that, the developers can take their time to ensure the game is well-polished.

    2009 will be the 25th anniversary of the Ninja Turtles, so a new video game to coincide with that would make sense. It would be cool if the character roster incorporated the comics, original cartoon, movies, and new cartoon(s).

    I agree that I’d prefer an arcade-style beat-’em-up, but a fighting game like SSBB sounds promising.

  8. Sounds like a great team of people for a game lke this. Hpefully it turns out well, I’d love a tmnt multi fighter.

  9. Give me an interesting boss-filled side-scrolling single and co-op beat-em-up along with the multiplayer battling and it’s on. I just hope the style is nice but silly as the Turtles should be. Making it too serious just won’t cut it if they can’t have some fun like Turtles in Time.

    Gimme now!

  10. It is supposed to have a story mode if you read the GoNintendo report. So if that is classic style NES gaming, that’s one great game.

    And the 4-player co-op, if it is similar to that of Brawl’s style, with the TMNT universe (and I’m sure some hidden throw in characters) would be tons of fun.

    You got me lined up right now, just keep giving us good news about the game and I’ll stay in line.


  11. just had a thought… Can’t wait to put April up against Shredder!

  12. I’d much rather a 2D cell drawn versus fighter like tournament fighters, I don’t need another brawl-style game.

    A four player, ninja gaiden style beat em up would have been better than anything though. -.-

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