Infendo Radio 451 – Attack of the Cake Troll

Thank you for joining us for this week's show! This week, we talk about Virtual Boy emulation, Pokémon GO forward compatibility, and Eugene hosts Nintentunes!

Minecraft DLC Dangers

So, the easy way to remember this? Did you buy it with dollars or minecoins? Dollars are console specific, minecoins work wherever you are signed in. Keep in mind, the Mario Mash-Up pack and skins are still console exclusive, so you can not use them in Realms or non Switch only play.

Infendo Radio 450 – Infendo Is Coming Home

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Minecraft Realms: The Feature I Didn’t Know I Needed

Minecraft on Nintendo Switch got a major update this last week. And with my strange history with Minecraft, it is no surprise I am ecstatic. It received the 1.5.0 update to the Bedrock Codebase, which was the second half of the Update Aquatic. With it, came new mobs such as Turtles and Drowned (Sorry Phantoms, you are part of 1.6, not Update Aquatic). But with it, came one feature I either glossed...

Minecraft And Me: A Story

For everyone that follows Infendo Radio, you all know I absolutely love Minecraft. On Nintendo consoles alone, I have put 25 hours into Bedrock, 145 into Nintendo Switch Edition, 15 into Wii U edition, and 1 solid hour in New 3DS Edition. That’s also not counting what I have put into Minecraft: PS4 Edition, PS3 Edition, and PS Vita Edition. That’s a lot of Minecraft. But, there is one ...

Sony Shamed By Minecraft

Well everybody, it’s finally happened! If you follow me at all, you know I absolutely love my Minecraft. Don’t believe me? Check out my full review of the Minecraft: Switch edition here. The Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update dropped for Switch! It actually dropped sometime between 10pm MDT (6-20-2018) and 1am MDT (6-21-2018). I can’t recall the time exactly, because I was playing ...

Feel the Joy: A Few Custom Joy-Con Ideas

The Switch’s Joy-Con are pretty cool. Being able to change out your controller’s appearance in a few seconds is pretty cool, and I can definitely see collecting them becoming a habit (albeit an expensive one). Here’s a few ideas for some video game-inspired Joy-Con that I’d admittedly enjoy owning.   MARIO KART 8 DX PIKACHU MUSHROOM SUPER WARIO BROS. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG...

Mining for a Crafty Review

Minecraft Switch Edition By Steve Peacock Wow! For the better part of two weeks I’ve been saying I was going to get this review written. The funny thing about game reviews is how when the game is good, it is really difficult to put the game down long enough to write the review. With a game as old as Minecraft, I don’t feel like it needs much of an introduction. You can get that from a quick Google...

Mining for a Crafty Review

So, given the limitations of the game on this console versus the amount of time I have already spent playing the game, I would have to give the game a 4 out of 5 for an overall rating. Barring some small, acceptable limitations for the hardware, this is the DEFINITIVE VERSION of the game, and likely the last one I will feel the need to buy. Unless, of course, the “New” Switch U is not backwards co...

Super fandom: Minecrafters recreate Super Mario Land with 18 million blocks

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cEn3-t_dWE[/youtube] Speechless at the seemingly hundreds of hours this probably took to build. (Thanks, Milo)

Check out Zelda Link’s Awakening, in Minecraft!

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=806UifAYQGo&feature=channel_video_title[/youtube] Minecraft is a pretty amazing game. Now if only I had the creativity and the the tine to create something like opening cutscene for Link’s Awakening with the building blocks available in the game. Has any Infendo reader been able to create any Nintendo themed levels in Minecraft? Personally, I tried to ...

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