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3DS hands-on report – PAX East 2011

I spent nearly 45 minutes playing with a variety of games at the Nintendo booth during PAX East. Here’s a quick rundown:

Today and Tomorrow Channel launches for Free in Europe

Wii owners across the pond can look forward to a new channel September 9th  as the “Today and Tomorrow Channel” launches. According to Nintendo UK, Today and Tomorrow Channel will let you check daily fortunes, fetch relationship advice, and recommend

Can you Pop & Lock to the Mii channel Theme?

Caught this on GoNintendo, weird stuff.

There’s a Mii in my DS…

While playing around with Personal Trainer: Walking, Kotaku editors discovered previously unknown Mii Channel Feature: Wii to DS Mii transfers. Since launch, the Wii has been able to send Miis to Wii Remotes so that the Miis can be transmitted

Watch out for this Mii who is Stealing Cars

Japanese Police are now using Mii Software to look for criminals in Japan? According to the website Danny Choo, as quoted below… It [is] common for lifelike drawings of wanted folks to be issued but it looks like Kanagawa police

10,000 Mii Parade

CaliHurBoy, our Mii fanatic friend, has maxed out his Mii Parade with 10,000 unique avatars over the course of the Wii lifetime. His parade feats have landed him many viewers and a spot in Nintendo Power’s Pulse section. Congrats, CaliHurBoy