Defective Wii? No problem, says Joystiq

Lucky for us all, Wii bugs and malfunctions have not reached the levels of say, the Xbox 360. There are some, to be sure, including that infamous error message from November that roughly translated into “you are screwed” but far and away things have gone swimmingly on the hardware front.

But, when a Wii does go to that console heaven in the sky, what happens to your Wii points, Mii’s and VC titles? Sure, Nintendo promises everything will carry over to your shiny new system, but are they telling the whole truth and nothing but? Seems they are, says Joystiq:

When we sent a malfunctioning Wii back to Nintendo, the company returned a crisp, new Wii with all of our Mii data copied over. Additionally, Nintendo transfered our Virtual Console points to the new system, and we could re-download previous VC purchases for free. Nintendo deserves some credit for the smooth process, but we expected this to happen; we’d be angry if the company ate the Wii Points with the hardware exchange. The Mii transfer was a bigger bonus, preserving our 2040-rated tennis pro and our beloved Big Poppa.

This and that Redmond, Wash. story about the kid who brought his system to the Nintendo service desk and had it fixed lickity-split have me thinking about “Nintendo: the humbled, greedy corporation.”