Variety confirms Boom Blox sequel coming

Christmas has come early for David.

In an article about the closure of Electronic Arts’ undisclosed Blueprint project, Variety confirmed a Boom Blox sequel is in development.

Blueprint was at the helm of the Boom Blox sequel, which has shifted to EA’s merged casual/Sims label.

Blueprint was focused on bringing new IP to multiple media. According to Variety, “some called it a project, some a division, others a collection of games, but whatever it was, EA never officially announced it.”

The Blueprint model emphasized changing the development process to allow small teams and individuals to work together from disparate locations without necessarily being employed at an EA studio.

The paramount achievement of Blueprint’s efforts is the development of Armature, a new Texas-based EA studio formed by three former Retro Studios visionaries and reported on in September by Infendo.

Boom Blox released in May exclusively for Wii. The game received glowing reviews and has slow-burned approximately 560,000 sales worldwide despite a slow start at retail, according to VGChartz.