Old-gen consoles easily outselling next-gen

US Hardware Sales

Due to my love for oversimplified graphs, I give to you old-gen hardware sales compared to next-gen hardware sales in delicious pie graph form. Nintendo should be sending me checks for all this market research I’m doing in support of their strategy. Data was taken from the NPD, North America’s hardware bean counter. Definitions are as follows:

  • Old-gen category includes all reported systems selling inferior graphics and processing power namely DS, Wii, PS2, PSP, GameCube, and GameBoy Advance.
  • Next-gen category includes all reported systems selling up-to-date graphics and processing power, namely 360 and PS3.

I find the result pretty astounding. Granted, I was unable to produce the same figures 18 months after the Dreamcast and PS2 first launched (data not publicly available), but I’d be surprised if old-gen hardware was outselling next-gen hardware by this much circa the early 2000s. Penny for your thoughts?