Nintendo checkmate? Not yet, but closing in…

225_fortune-wii.jpgOnce upon a time, either here on Infendo or in the clandestine back channels of the Infendo staff offices (read: gmail), I predicted that in 2007, we would see one of the major print magazines like BusinessWeek or Wired run a cover story about the resurgence of Nintendo.

It came a bit earlier than even my fanboyish self could have predicted. Fortune has a huge article on Nintendo up right now, and the cover is over there, to the right.

The gravy:

While game consoles typically attract youngish males with an antisocial streak, the Wii is bringing people of all demographics together: in nursing homes, for Wii bowling leagues, on cruise ships, at coed (!) Wii-themed parties and, of course, in lines – as hordes of consumers clamor to buy the impossible-to-find $250 machine. Nintendo is churning out over a million units a month and still can’t meet demand.

Game. Set. Match? Not quite, especially six months into the long haul. But damn, that’s some sweetness right der.