FIFA 08 – Wii exclusives with Ronaldinho

FIFA08 RonaldinhoAccording to an EA press release, Ronaldinho will be bicycle kicking his way onto various video game systems this fall with some exclusive content for the Wii. In addition to an exclusive Mii character of the soccer/football star, the game will also include a mode called “Footii Party” that features party games called Table Football and Shoot Off.

Ronaldinho commented on the character, “My character looks like he enjoys playing football and shares my passion for the game. This is important to me.”

If anything is extremely exciting about this for me, it’s the inclusion of an exclusive Wii foosball game. The one thing the press release didn’t mention was online play, but that goes for all systems and not just Wii or DS.

Now if only they had a Bicycle Kick Forever mini-game, Jack would finally be happy.