There’s a Mii in my DS…



While playing around with Personal Trainer: Walking, Kotaku editors discovered previously unknown Mii Channel Feature: Wii to DS Mii transfers.

Since launch, the Wii has been able to send Miis to Wii Remotes so that the Miis can be transmitted to other Wiis. And Miis have been snaggable via non-Nintendo Mii-editing computer programs.

But Miis hadn’t made it to the DS. They can now that they have a home, as Nintendo informs us that Personal Trainer: Walking is the first DS game/walking-trainer) to support Miis.

On the DS, the Miis are used to demonstrate how far you walked. Like, you know, if you walked about 1000 steps between leaving your apartment this morning and getting to your downtown Manhattan office — with the help of the subway.

Personal Trainer: Walking is the first DS title to make use of the Nintendo Mii characters, and will include a pedometer to track the players walking – encouraging players to reach 3000 steps per day.

Considering how infrequent Mii use is on a lot of Wii titles, are you interested in transfering your Mii characters to your DS? Let us know in the comments!