Monster Mii

And I thought Wenis was scary. James Kochalka (comic artist, rock star, and member of Infendo Nation) shares his bizarre Mii creations with us today. Click here for the full image, or head over to American Elf for more. Have you created any abominations of (Wii) nature?

Mii How To: Zelda & Link

On Nintendo’s official Wii site, there are a couple “how to” videos with tips on creating a Mii for Zelda or Link. They cleverly use some repositioned eyebrows for Link’s pointy ears, but they don’t quite have the eyes right. Which Nintendo characters would you like them to do next?

Defective Wii? No problem, says Joystiq

Lucky for us all, Wii bugs and malfunctions have not reached the levels of say, the Xbox 360. There are some, to be sure, including that infamous error message from November that roughly translated into “you are screwed” but far and away things have gone swimmingly on the hardware front. But, when a Wii does go to that console heaven in the sky, what happens to your Wii points, MiiR...

New Mii Channel launches in April

Via Siliconera: During the Nintendo keynote Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that a new voting channel where people can vote on their favorite Miis was in the works. A message was sent to Japanese Wiis with the date of the new channel, April 29. In the channel players can pick one of two Miis as their favorite and results will be shown online, similar to the Everybody Votes channel. Are you ready? Are y...

Can Nintendo’s Mii Concept Kill MySpace?

Yahoo News takes a look at the recently announced Mii “popularity” channel. In their article, they question whether or not the Wii will be a rival to MySpace. Gaming industry analyst Richard Doherty, research director for Envisioneering Group, said that it is a smart move by Nintendo. “Absolutely. Within a year, the Wii may be the most successful and valuable social-networking co...

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