Mario tops list of “video games we keep buying, but haven’t changed in eons”

Or so says this guy (and he has a point). Not that it deters us from still playing. 🙂

NASA discovers Super Mario Galaxy planet*

Infendo’s David has quite the find today! Apparently, up there in the night sky there’s a tiny planet, complete with tree and satellite dish, that could very well be a real-life Super Mario Galaxy planet! Luigi’s been dispatched to investigate, because he he appeared at the beginning of the level and begged Mario for the chance to participate. Again. *NASA did not actually discov...

Biblical 1-up

Deviantart member quartertofour gets all Biblical on our butts today. Now go outside and enjoy the summer.

Luigi made our pizza last night

It’s a small world.

These Nintendo characters are getting old

More aging taking place here.

Platinum Status reward for Club Nintendo

For all those who have reached platinum status this year… your reward for buying tons of Nintendo games is a collectors edition Super Mario Bros Figurine. Which is far from the really awesome Mario Hats that went out last year. If you didn’t make Platinum status this year, and ended up with gold you get a calendar again. Which is pretty cool if you like to know what day it is. How do y...

Youtube Tuesday: Mario’s Summer Activities

[youtube][/youtube] Wonder what Mario is doing this summer? check out the video! I mean there’s no way he’s getting ready for a summer competition that will be open to two and four player teams. Where you can compete with friends and family to win prizes and bragging rights. No way any of this is happening.

Mario Marathon the dramatic Movie

[youtube][/youtube] Visit Mario Marathon to find out more info about their goal and child’s play charity.

Youtube Tuesday – Stop Motion NES

[youtube][/youtube] Sean sent this video my way a couple of days ago and I’m honestly surprised he didn’t post it. If you haven’t seen it yet… you are sure going to be in for a surprise of what I call nostalgic joy. Side note, anyone readers out there do animation or do stop motion claymation or anything? If you do and have anything...

Want to make a FLUDD or a Propeller Helmet?

Brian Brinegar, one of the men behind the legendary gaming marathon, Mario Marathon, has put up a easy instructable on how to build a few gaming props. Not just any props, but Mario power ups. Brian contacted me about a week ago to share some info on the cosplay ready FLUDD, and the awesome Propeller Helmet. Saying that “They loved the costumes, so we thought we’d do something a little...

Mario eats maturity mushroom

A mature Mario Bros.? I’d play it, or at least watch the anime movie spectacular.

Video: See the Mario Galaxy 2 cloud power-up

[youtube][/youtube] Fun. T minus 36 days.