NASA discovers Super Mario Galaxy planet*

Infendo’s David has quite the find today! Apparently, up there in the night sky there’s a tiny planet, complete with tree and satellite dish, that could very well be a real-life Super Mario Galaxy planet! Luigi’s been dispatched to investigate, because he he appeared at the beginning of the level and begged Mario for the chance to participate. Again.

*NASA did not actually discover a Super Mario Galaxy planet

5 Responses to NASA discovers Super Mario Galaxy planet*

  1. richufc says:

    That’s incredible!

    On a related note, do any other UK readers think of Mario Galaxy when they see the British Gas YV advert – its a total rip-off and Nintendo should be starting legal proceedings

  2. Poochy says:

    Jack, I’d put what I’ve seen of this article so far up next to what I see from an I Aim To Misbehave post. It’s kiddie fare masquerading as “interesting content” and it’s just plain sad.

  3. David says:

    Poochy – get over yourself. It’s a fun post about something funny.

  4. Poochy says:

    David, unless you’ve been reading I Aim To Misbehave lately, you have no idea what my previous comment was really about. It was scathing, sarcastic, and had absolutely nothing to do with this article. Please ignore it/delete it and move on.

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