Battlesuit Mario goes to war


A rebranding kinda sorta worked for The Big Mouse in Disney’s Epic Mickey, but would it work for Mario? This, dear readers, is the question I ponder today as I look over this impressive Mecha Mario battle suit artwork over at Cool Vibe this morning.

An even closer look at artist Marat Ars’s new suit design—and new look—is available in that second link. Clicky clicky!


  1. What now you’re IN FAVOR of hardcore gritty reboots? Why would you want to change Mario from classic 2-D Sidescrolling to some kind of robot-shooting game?

    Mario is fine how he is. At least that’s what the sales indicate. Right after you ask Miyamoto to make a 2-D Mario game just for nostalgia’s and sales sake, then you float some kind of idiotic reboot with robots? Are you insane?

  2. Mario’s fine as he is. Not saying the art isn’t cool, it does look awesome, but it’s just not needed. Mickey needed the rebranding to get his image back, Mario really doesn’t and has about 15 million copies of New Super Mario Bros Wii sold to prove it.

  3. I’m sorry but id does not work for me.

  4. so i hate mecha!!
    but a revamp for older audiences for many titles in movie form or game form may be appeciated…
    Take for example the video on youtube of Mario&Luigi as people from a GTA game. Explosives and story line whilst keeping the same named characters.
    Another example of an action revamp may be pokemon. Touch upon the dark side of things. Ash would grow up and be a bad ass whilst still keeping his caring nature at times. Pokemon battling it out with fire, explosions, high speed arial action. Blood spraying on the screen. Showing depth and what may happen in reality.

    Little games in this format may target a niche market of older gamers who are open to a little action in their old favs.

  5. No mustache, no Mario.

  6. “but a revamp for older audiences for many titles in movie form or game form may be appeciated…”

    But why? Older audiences already appreciate him. In fact, “gritty reboots for older gamers” just means “gritty reboots for 15-year-olds.” Mario is timeless, and everybody loves him. Why sacrifice the love of everybody in the hopes some little petulant shit teenager will think he’s “edgy.” we already had that with Sonic. How is he doing these days?

  7. He looks like Rocket Knight from the Genesis.