New Wii incoming, and it isn’t Wii U

Eurogamer is reporting that the Nintendo Wii is about to get a face lift this holiday season. In what is most likely a cost cutting measure, the new Wii will no longer have Gamecube support and will not have ports for Gamecube controllers and memory cards. The redesigned Wii will be designed to lay flat as apposed to standing up straight (which is already possible with the current Wii) and will ...

Battlesuit Mario goes to war

A rebranding kinda sorta worked for The Big Mouse in Disney’s Epic Mickey, but would it work for Mario? This, dear readers, is the question I ponder today as I look over this impressive Mecha Mario battle suit artwork over at Cool Vibe this morning. An even closer look at artist Marat Ars’s new suit design—and new look—is available in that second link. Clicky clicky!

Deep, obvious, big boy screen thoughts

A lot of people are complaining—and rightly so—that Nintendo is screwing DSi owners with this 4-inch “it’s for old people eyes, honestly” redesign thing. It’s all speculative wisp-of-a-ghost-of-a-rumor stuff, of course, but if it is true, I’m still left wondering a wildly obvious thought: Why the heck weren’t there 4-in. screens on the original DSi t...