Mario tops list of “video games we keep buying, but haven’t changed in eons”

Or so says this guy (and he has a point). Not that it deters us from still playing. 🙂


  1. Anyone who thinks Mario hasn’t changed in the 20+ years it’s been around doesn’t know very much about game design.

  2. Testify Eolirin!

  3. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

  4. What about Madden NFL?

  5. Oh yeah, I get SMB3 and Galaxy 2 confused all the time. I mean ones 2d, the others 3D. the one has secret walls, the other screws with gravity. And they have exactly the same powerups…. oh wait a tic.

    The formula for greatness is the same, I’ll give him that.

  6. Tetris has changed more than Mario and Pokemon? Really?

  7. Wait. Wheres sonic on the list? Obviously dis guy is an idiot. Every game has a point to it. So lets say you buy a shooting franchise such as call of duty. You cant complain and say the games in the frachise are too similar because they all take places in wars. No u think?!?! Its a war game. Mario may have the same characters but they always have different story lines, worlds and stages, and different power ups.

  8. We had to wait between 15 and 20 years for a single 2d Super Mario Bros game on handheld or console, yet somehow this numpty thinks it’s been the same, unchanging gameplay all along? FFS! Get a brain, moran!

  9. His articles page consists of mostly Xbox (look at me, I’m a hardcore gamer!) and Facebook (baaa!) articles, and he’s dissing beloved old franchises (i.e. they’re not M$ franchises) but no mention of Halo repeating itself. I’m amazed Metal Gear isn’t there… oh wait 360’s getting Metal Gear soon, so that’s not tired or repetitive at all…


  10. The whole concept of this point confuses me. When you have a franchise or game series, isn’t the whole point to give people more of the same with slight differences and improvements? Also, Mario games have been branched off to other types of games (racing, mini games, RPGs) so I don’t necessarily know what the people who put up this argument are trying to get at, or what they expect. austin and Naivete have that point down, I wouldn’t even think twice of the subject except I’ve seen lots of “serious” gamers say the same thing before. I don’t especially play Halo or COD or whatever it is the other side of gaming plays, but I never really criticize their games just to make myself feel better.

    Besides, if you make the best platforming games that have ever existed, I think you have a right to crank ’em out.

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