IGN Reports a Triple-A Square Enix Port Coming to Wii U


IGN has reported that the studio that is porting Mass Effect 3 to the Wii U, will also be porting a “Triple-A” Square Enix title to the Wii U.  Although there is no official word on the title, I am hoping for either a Final Fantasy X HD, Final Fantasy 7 remake (just wishful thinking there, i would put money on this NOT happening), Kingdom Hearts 1.5, or maybe TWEWY, or TWEWY 2.

Watch the video below, produced by IGN, and give your thoughts on the game you hope it will be.











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  1. It would be a little silly to only have 13-3 available on the WiiU… Maybe a massive compilation disc/set of the whole 13 series? Ya.. probably not gonna happen. I’d buy it though. FF should come back to Nintendo.. I’d love that.

    It’ll probably be an HD remake of something. Which is fine. I haven’t played any of the FF main branch since the PS days. I’m just gonna dream that it’ll be a TWEWY sequel, and live in my happy dream world for a little while. 🙂


  2. Are we really considering TWEWY to be ‘triple-A’ these days?
    A port of XIII-3 would be cool. Anything else, and I would probably just buy used for PS3.