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Manual game saves: Retro chic or outdated design?

Derek and I have previously said that specific Zelda gameplay should be updated for the 21st century. One of those issues is manual game saves. Although not exclusive to Zelda, the new Skyward Sword, like previous Zeldas, requires the player to manually save their progress. Instead of auto saving like most modern games, Skyward Sword players will have to save their progress at “any of t...

Rayman Origins: These tiny character “sprites” are making me thirsty!

[youtube][/youtube] Rayman Origins is wonderfully artistic. That I cannot deny. But something bothers me about its graphics: Playable characters are frustratingly small. That is to say, the camera is too wide to really appreciate the playable character. Instead of enjoying the entire screen, you’re eyes are focused on such a tiny spot of TV real esta...

Mario tops list of “video games we keep buying, but haven’t changed in eons”

Or so says this guy (and he has a point). Not that it deters us from still playing. 🙂