Kid Icarus

Awesome Kid Icarus Mouse Pad

Check out this sweet Kid Icarus mouse pad that features the queen of darkness herself, Medusa. There’s a bunch of cool mouse pads out there in the world, but not many that feature Nintendo characters. Also, on the subject, does anyone even use mouse pads anymore? Or do you have any cool gaming related ones like this?

Want a cool Kid Icarus Wallpaper?

Do we have any Kid Icarus fans out there? Anyone want a good HD Wallpaper for their desktop? Well now you can! I made this 1600×900 wallpaper especially for my fellow Pitt fans out there. You can download the wallpaper by clicking on the image above to see it in full size, then right click and selecting “Save Image As” and saving it to your desktop. Let me know your thoughts, and ...

Kid Icarus 3DS Trailer leaves a lot to be seen

[youtube][/youtube] When the Kid Icarus trailer aired live at the Nintendo Press Conference at E3 I was literally in shock. The fact that the 3DS’s output is almost if not better than the Wii’s own graphical power is nothing short of amazing. However, the fact that the hand held system does 3D as well what makes it even more amazing. While watc...

Poll – Which old NES game deserves a Sequel?

Which old game do you think deserves a sequel? Tell us why you believe so in the comments and maybe we might read it next week during the podcast! {democracy:110}

Miyamoto sorta kinda teases Kid Icarus title something

Shigeru Miyamoto, ever the distributor of quirky quotes and often a disseminator of info that the PR folks at Nintendo probably aren’t totally prepared he give out as soon as he does, is talking Kid Icarus this week. NP: And, of course, I have to ask: have you given any thought to putting a new Kid Icarus game on Wii or DS? Miyamoto: Wait, please. I’m really surprised how popular that ...

Classic Commercials – Kid Icarus – Japan

[youtube][/youtube] What???

Rumor: Factor 5 Shutdown

The past few weeks have not been kind to game developers. Many publishers have had to slash entire development studios in wake of the current world recession. Rumor has it that Factor 5, famed developer of Star Wars Rogue Squadron series, has been shutdown for good. Matt Casamassina of IGN Nintendo leaked out a possible confirmation of these talks…

Another 8bit Holiday album by Dr. Octoroc

Dr. Octoroc has just recently released an 8bit Holiday album that not only features classic Christmas songs, but fully remixes them with famous NES chipset sounds. The album features various games such as Metroid, Faxanadu, Kid Icarus, Mega Man, Final Fantasy, and various other famous games. It should be known that this album is quite possibly the best holiday chip tune album around and you can ge...

Zoinks?! Kid Icarus Wii a no-show for E3?!

We are only an hour away from the Nintendo E3 press conference, and speculation has reached maximum overdrive. After divulging information to the contrary for weeks, IGN’s Matt Casamassina has slipped that the hotly anticipated Kid Icarus revival on Wii may not be coming at E3. GoNintendo has his quote: “Uh-oh. Looks like we’re going to have to wait a little longer than E3 to see...

Kid Icarus Wii rumors will not die

Casamassina and Kombo are at it again, further suggesting the game is being developed by Factor 5, likely to be announced at E3 this July. Anyone excited? I’m cool, but I’d be happier with a confirmation of Disaster: Day of Crisis and/or another darker game.