Miyamoto sorta kinda teases Kid Icarus title something

kid-icarusShigeru Miyamoto, ever the distributor of quirky quotes and often a disseminator of info that the PR folks at Nintendo probably aren’t totally prepared he give out as soon as he does, is talking Kid Icarus this week.

NP: And, of course, I have to ask: have you given any thought to putting a new Kid Icarus game on Wii or DS?

Miyamoto: Wait, please. I’m really surprised how popular that is. But you are the first person to ask at this E3!

Now, this could be Miyamoto’s way of being polite, but given his track record there could very well be something to this. Or is that just my wishful thinking talking…

Personally, I think I would have preferred a Kid Icarus title (Wii, DS or otherwise) instead of Super Mario Galaxy 2. That’s just me.