Guitar Hero World Tour

This week’s New Game Get is Legendary!

Where do you even start with this one?  Not only does North America finally get a Starfy game, but Wii MotionPlus debuts with Tiger Woods and there’s Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, not to mention Iron Maiden DLC for Rock Band 2 and new DSiWare Mario vs. Donkey Kong.  Ugh! So much more to see after the break in our New Game Get mega list! [Now updated with even more Rock Band 2 DLC!]

Deep Nintendological Thoughts #6: Please, oh please…

…don’t let there ever be a Guitar Hero: World Tour commercial that features Reggie Fils-Aime, Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata and Cammie Dunaway. I say this because it seems like everyone who’s anyone is making one of these Risky Business knockoff spots. Honestly, don’t do it. I may become violent.

Rock Band 2 is better than Guitar Hero World Tour on Wii

Having played both Rock Band 2 (RB2) and Guitar Hero World Tour (GHWT), I can now deliver my final opinion:  Rock Band 2 is better. That’s a pretty broad statement, so let me break it down.

Rock Band 2 for Wii is already in stores

Just got back from Best Buy where they had a stack of Rock Band 2 for Wii already sitting on the floor, available for purchase today (shipping date is tomorrow).  It’s the full band kit only right now, though.  They didn’t have the disc-only version available (which is what I want since I have Guitar Hero World Tour instruments already).  They were also selling extra RB2 Wii drum se...

Rock Band 2 Wii compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour instuments

IGN’s recent preview has confirmed that all Guitar Hero World Tour peripherals (guitar, drums, mic) are fully compatible with the final copy of Rock Band 2 for the Wii. …We were also very pleased to find that peripherals for both Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero World Tour worked with Rock Band 2… …Red Octane’s Guitar Hero: World Tour instruments worked like a charm, s...

Rock Out With Infendo contest winner announced!

This was honestly one of the coolest bunches of entries we’ve ever had.  As each entry came in, Infendo HQ was buzzing with comments about “oh, this one is clearly the winner” and they just kept getting better. The votes are tallied, the judges were nearly split, but we have come to a consensus.  Congratulations to Justin with his video featuring a variety of bizarre rhythm ins...

Final Chance!! Rock out with Infendo and win Guitar Hero World Tour!

Don’t miss your final chance to win!  Contest ends today, Saturday, December 6th, at 5PM Eastern!  We’ll be posting the entries tomorrow!  Winner will be announced on Monday!!! Are you ready to rock? Infendo is giving away the first gift of Christmas, Guitar Hero World Tour for Wii! This is the complete band version of the game, including guitar, drums, and microphone. All you need ...

Guitar Hero + Bicycle = Bike Hero?

[youtube][/youtube] Wow, just wow.

Activision explains lack of Guitar Hero track packs on Wii

  The weekly Activison press releases concerning new downloadable content for Guitar Hero World Tour have always confused Wii owners with platform DLC availability. Track packs consisting of 2-3 songs are available on both the 360 and PS3 platforms, but strangely not on the Wii. Wii World Tour music buyers must purchase singles without the convenient (and sometimes cheaper) solution. Nintendo Wor...

Infendo Radio 125 enjoys a DSi Folk Disaster

Back from Halloween Vacation and ready to podcast your ears to mush, Infendo Radio is on the air!  This week Kyle and I blather on about such stuff as Animal Crossing City Folk, the DSi selling out in Japan, downloading Another Day To Die on Guitar Hero World Tour, the Wii outselling the N64, Reggie’s feelings about Disaster Day Of Crisis, and New Game Get.  Plus, we announce the winner of...

How to officially fix your Guitar Hero: World Tour drum kit

Still having trouble with your Guitar Hero: World Tour Drum kit? Drum pads not sensitive enough? Activision has taken notice of these problems and is acting quickly to support frustrated customers. Hit the jump for instructions. Did I mention it’s free?

Guitar Hero: World Tour Wii unboxing

Activision was kind enough to send the “complete band version” of Guitar Hero World Tour to Infendo HQ yesterday. For any who still don’t own the game, here’s what physical goods you can expect for $190 plus tax. Quick impressions after the break. Full review pending.