Guitar Hero: World Tour Wii unboxing

Activision was kind enough to send the “complete band version” of Guitar Hero World Tour to Infendo HQ yesterday. For any who still don’t own the game, here’s what physical goods you can expect for $190 plus tax. Quick impressions after the break. Full review pending.

My three-year-old helps peel away the layers to reveal the guitar box and game.

Best guitar controller ever made. Period. Although I’m not a fan of sunburst.

Close up of the body.

Snap on the neck for face melting pleasure.

What good would hardware be without software?

The drum box awaits…

Sticks, cymbals, and mic.

High-hats in da house.

USB mic. Check.

Guitar Hero sticks. Would Chad Smith approve?

The drum kit. Snare left, high tom middle, low/floor tom right.

Stand and kick pedal.

Kick pedal up close.

Nothing to see here. Empty box. Go play the game already.

Initial observations

  • Best band game money can buy on Wii, compelling multiplayer and track list
  • Upgrade to Guitar Hero III in every way (graphics, sound, features)
  • Very polished game, great online store, excellent hardware
  • Purple solo notes are difficult to distinguish from regular notes, unlike 360 version, but not a big deal