Infendo Radio 124 is hypnotized by music


Prepare your ears and serve them well with Infendo Radio 124!  Listen up as we chat about music games this week and share a little Kirby love, too.

Be sure to leave some comments or give us a call on the Infendo Radio Hotline: 206-338-BIGN (206-338-2446).


  1. Kyle, there is an order history through the shop channel.

  2. Also, Gameboy Pocket.

  3. why do u have a radio station it sounds really sad a whole radio station talking about wiis and other useless consoles

  4. @sam

    Not nearly as sad as an entire website devoted to “free mouse cursers”

  5. @ daverage and sam


  6. its so sad that Jack Thompson has moved onto to hawking mouse cursers now.

  7. @daverage or wahatever that sad name of yours is u are sad
    wiis SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and you know it
    ps3 and ps2 rule
    ds is the only good thing out by nintendo at the moment their consoles are rubbish