Since you asked, Flight Control is my favorite DSi game right now

Dear Infendo, If you have an iPhone or are holding out for an iPad, buy this game for $1. If not (like me), buy this game for Nintendo DSi for $5 via download. It comes with new landing spots and two-player mode (but no leaderboards like the AppStore version). Whatever the version, you’re in good hands, and should easily be able to beat my current high of 58 landings. Love, The Boss Hog

Netflix on DS? This is Getting Ridiculous.

Just before last year’s GDC we saw hints of Netflix for the PS3 and Wii – by means of official Netflix surveys, testing the waters of the potential customer base.  The Wii solution is now a confirmed reality, and these survey suggestions are popping up again – this time for the Nintendo DS. Ever since Netflix poked a hole through Xbox Live’s “Exclusive” clause,...

Nintendo Spotting: Nothing to do but play Nintendo

“Give a man a single player game and he’ll play alone… Give a man a multiplayer game and he’ll find some friends…”

Miles Edgeworth not Released due to Piracy!? This only affects certain european countries, but what if it happened here too!

According to Brizamila, the distributor for Capcom games in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, they have announced that they will not be releasing Miles Edgeworth in those three countries. That is due to the amount of piracy that happens there, and they don’t want to risk losing money because of the low sales numbers. This is pretty scary news! What if this happened in the US because piracy go...

Game & Watch coming to DSiWare (in Japan)

Be still my nostalgic heart, for there’s Game & Watch games coming to DSiWare in the wonderful Land of the Rising sun. Sure, it’s Japan only, for now, but if clap really hard, and dust off all of our Mario’s Cement Factory games in unison, perhaps Nintendo will notice and throw a few our way? Maybe. For now, revel in the list of genuinely old school Nintendo games:

Pelloni (Bob) tells Infendo about hype, SDK

We’ve written a lot about “bob’s game” in the past – covering protests, threats, forfeits, revivals, and zany antics – but never dug beneath the surface of Robert Pelloni’s masquerade of hype.  What exactly has Pelloni been up to?  Reader speculation ranges from a carefully designed marketing campaign to an insane, self-absorbed brat with an overblown se...