Miles Edgeworth not Released due to Piracy!? <br><font size=2>This only affects certain european countries, but what if it happened here too!</font>


NDS_R44According to Brizamila, the distributor for Capcom games in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, they have announced that they will not be releasing Miles Edgeworth in those three countries. That is due to the amount of piracy that happens there, and they don’t want to risk losing money because of the low sales numbers.

This is pretty scary news! What if this happened in the US because piracy got out of hand? We wouldn’t be able to play the latest copy of Petz Vetz, or Barbie’s Horse Adventure? Joking aside, this is sad news.

[Via  NGamer]

In other news, Brizamila also mentions that they might not bring out Okamiden if Nintendo’s unable to reduce the level of piracy before release. The first real word of Okamiden being released outside of Japan.

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  1. Wow. That’s pretty insane.

    Can’t they just pirate a foreign version though?

  2. Doesn’t fix the problem… But that’s pretty interesting news about Okamiden.

  3. Isn’t it true that they charge the European market much more, proportionally, than the American and Japanese markets?

    For instance, a game that costs 30 dollars in the US should not cost 30 euro in Holland… Yet it does. Some games in Europe often cost up to 60 euro, what equates to over 80 US dollars.

    There’s more to the story than we’re hearing from this company, I think.

  4. @ Shungun

    I have a friend who frequents trips to Germany area, I’ll ask him about the money/price issue you mentioned here and see his take on it.

  5. I live in The Netherlands, it’s true that they charge way more for video games here than in the other regions. Simply change the dollar sign of the American price to a euro sign. With the current conversion rate that means they charge 36% more for all games and hardware in Europe than they do in the US. A 60 dollar game in the US would cost 82 dollars in Europe.
    I for one prefer to import. Even with shipping fees I usually end up paying less than what they charge in the stores here.

    And they wonder why people pirate…

  6. Afterthought: Won’t not releasing the game in the Benelux only drive more people to piracy? They might not lose money on this game, but what about their next release?

  7. Speaking of low sales numbers, how’s Dark Void doing, Capcom? Will there be blame to share with Sony and Microsoft?

    Capcom’s really been on a roll with blaming Nintendo for… whatever these past few months.

  8. PanPan,

    absolutely; do they think that skipping markets is going to help the problem? It’s just going to standardize piracy in those areas and generate a need for more gamers to be familiar with piracy.

    With DS games costing ridiculously less to develop than console games, and with the prior establishment of an existing engine to make Miles Edgeworth, it’s really a curious decision.

  9. I don’t know if that would reduce piracy. They’ll either order it internationally or download it anyways. There’s nothing from stopping another person in another country from copying it.

  10. Hmmm.. Ok, so with piracy, I run any game I want, from any region, easy access to acquire the game I want, easy to load with multiple games on one cartridge, easy to add cheats and back up saves… When I buy a game, I get ripped off in some regions and in others I can’t get the game at all, and I don’t get any of the other mentioned ‘extra’ features.
    The way to stop Piracy is to offer a better product, not stop offering anything. How will not allowing people to buy your product keep you from losing money. It’s like entertainment industry execs are just a bunch of 80 year old geezers yelling at people to get off their lawn.

  11. That reminded me of this similar comparison to Pirated DVDs:

  12. Im the only one that cheers when nintendo wins in a piracy case 😀 hate when pepole say the benefits of the R4 card or the homebrew channel and u see what they got on there and its just a bunch of stolen material x_x

  13. Piracy will always be in existance, there is no real reason to not release a game due to high piracy rates, and the piracy rates could possibly be fixed, (See shungun’s post) if different measures were taken.

  14. This statement is just a scare tactic to get people to quit pirating. They think people are stupid enough to say “Gee willikers, we better stop pirating or else they’re going to skip over our region.” In all reality this will increase piracy even more because people in those countries who would normally pay for the game will now have to pirate it if they want it (or, much less likely, get a hold of an import).

  15. There reason seemed fine the first time I read it, but now that I think about it, it’s horrible. Any drm gets surpassed quickly and easily for the DS. Not only that, but the market for piracy never goes down for the device, only up. They were only publishing the game. For Nintendo to have been surprised that mean that it was definitely a last minute drop. They must have come close to finishing the translation if they backed out at the last moment.

    The only people they’re hurting are their customers and their business partners. They should abandon the DS completely if piracy is the issue since they aren’t going to be able to combat it properly. They just gave away any profit on the game to import sites and neighboring countries. A limited release at the best game stores should have been a good option for them.

  16. Everybody stop downloading!
    I want Okamiden 🙁

  17. I can only agree, because living in Belgium means that games are expensive (compared to the US) and this drives more people into pirating. I myself know people who have pirated games, and I see more and more who step into that direction. It’s just too expensive to buy all those good games. Hell, even 9 year olds walk around with R4’s or Cyclo-DS cards. Parents even look into that direction.

    I think one of the ways to tackle this phenomenon is indeed to look at the base of the problem – the cost of games. The distribution of games rises costs, so maybe more downloadable content helps reduce the cost, thus reducing the amount of piracy in these countries.

    Restricting such a game won’t help, it might even be contra-productive; if I want to play the game, I am forced to pirate it.

  18. Affects, not effects.

    Pedant like I know, but it gives the impression that several sovereign states have been forged by pirates.

  19. And the worst thing is the game is not even translated in European market. It’s in English and that sucks! Even if I speak English I would like to play the game in my language as the rest of the series.

    CAPCOM or whoever decided to distribute the game untranslated SUCKS!!!

  20. I’m Dutch and unhappy with the piracy! I know, this will lead to more illegal downloading…but more illegal downloading will lead to less income for the developers —> less quality games! So in the end, everyone loses! Please use common sense and buy games. I want Okamiden so bad! And I want to BUY it…

    Buying games is investing in better games to come…

  21. So the only way to get the game now is buy pirating it from another country?

    Makes perfect sense.

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