Miles Edgeworth not Released due to Piracy!?
This only affects certain european countries, but what if it happened here too!

NDS_R44According to Brizamila, the distributor for Capcom games in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, they have announced that they will not be releasing Miles Edgeworth in those three countries. That is due to the amount of piracy that happens there, and they don’t want to risk losing money because of the low sales numbers.

This is pretty scary news! What if this happened in the US because piracy got out of hand? We wouldn’t be able to play the latest copy of Petz Vetz, or Barbie’s Horse Adventure? Joking aside, this is sad news.

[Via  NGamer]

In other news, Brizamila also mentions that they might not bring out Okamiden if Nintendo’s unable to reduce the level of piracy before release. The first real word of Okamiden being released outside of Japan.

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