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Aliens Infestation keeps getting better

I still haven’t been able to pick this up, so I’m planning on making it a holiday purchase. Aliens: Infestation is one of the few games that makes player death mean something. There are a finite amount of marines in

Based on research: Nintendo indie game fans are kind of screwed

I think this research done by Ron Carmel, co-creator of World of Goo, shows that Wii/DS/3DS/Wii-U owners are kind of screwed when it comes to future indie developer games on Nintendo platforms, especially if you look at this graph. Sure, his post

The 10 most gameplay enabling Nintendo systems

Nintendo has a rich history of innovative and gameplay contributing hardware. You know: new hardware twists that improve the way we interactive with games. Having played all of the company’s systems since 1986, here’s how I’d rank ’em in terms

Yet another new DS game that should have your attention

I just love Xseed Games. They seem to always bring the most obscure, great looking games to North American shores. Next month, they will be dropping a new RPG for the DS, and it certainly has gotten my attention. Solatorobo:

What are you playing this weekend?

In between college football and Yankees vs. Red Sox, I’ll be playing Kirby Mass Attack and a few iPad freebies. What about you?

This Aliens: Infestation gameplay trailer brings on the alien massacre

When it comes to new DS games, there is none I want to play more than Wayforward’s excellent looking Aliens: Infestaion. October 11th can’t seem to come soon enough. Don’t worry DSi XL, I will have a new game for