The great Infendo Pokémon friend code giveaway!

Have you been finding yourself attempting to catch ’em all these last couple of days? Yeah, me too. I can’t stop in fact. As far as I am concerned, the only problem I have with the game so far is that I have yet to make any trades or partake a single Pokémon battles! This is where you come in, dear readers.

In the comments jot down your digits for Pokémon Black/White so we can all Wi-Fi battle like good little trainers. I’ll start, get your pal pad’s ready!

5157 2316 8506

Now go, Infendo faithful, and let each and every pokédex become full!


24 Responses to The great Infendo Pokémon friend code giveaway!

  1. z-nut says:

    I’m gonna have to pass, as being bussy with school, I won’t be picking a copy up until at earlest, with my 3ds… but I’m also quite tempted to wait for the inevitable 3rd version.

  2. Andres says:

    0432 7608 8039

  3. Andres says:

    but I need your name in the game so I can add you! please post it 🙂
    sorry for double post

  4. Eugene says:

    updated thanks for pointing that out andres….+10 internets to you.

  5. LucasC666 says:


    4598 8775 8687

    Totally want to play with the Infendo community!

  6. Kexx says:

    My name is Kexx and my code is 0260-9557-1445 😀

  7. Eugene says:

    added everyone above….keep posting your codes!

  8. Tyler says:

    Character Name: Tyler

    Code: 3052 6943 3938

  9. Drahken says:


    0991 1117 9118

    I have a lot of ones.

  10. Noah says:

    Noah (I need someone honest to trade then trade me back so I can get a gigalith

    1162 9129 3181

  11. I’m James and my friend code is:

    5457 8625 6412

  12. nin says:

    2193 6920 9661
    Thought it’d be fun to have a few people to battle against every now and then

  13. Ageman20XX says:


    0905 2031 1969

    Still pretty early in the game, but catching up!


  14. Ageman20XX says:

    Sorry for double but, but added all codes above so please add me back. :). Name should be “Adrian”, btw.

  15. Eric says:

    Name – Eric
    Code – 1162 9146 7719

  16. Eugene says:

    *just a note* remember to add everyone above your comment when you submit your friend code. I have added everyone above this comment. Keep it going!

  17. RumpleShrimp says:

    Name – Jahova
    Code – 0733 – 4517 – 2288

    hope to have some battles.. have not had a single one yet 🙁

  18. lynnvin says:

    Name — CJ

    Code — 2850-2519-3601

    Looking forward to trading and battles – I am new to the Pokemon world – still trying to figure it all out but having a blast!

  19. Gh3Rox says:

    Derek and Fc is 3353 3626 7229

  20. Chiaki says:


    5200 1959 0687

  21. Chris says:


    5457 9594 6359


  22. Dave says:


    1463 5462 2414

  23. Justin says:


    3138 6355 9782

  24. 9 says:

    hi meet me wifi club guys

    name 9
    freind code 1678-6873-5846

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