What are you most excited to play this year?


The first half of the year is obviously a down one for Nintendo. Some okay games on that list, but not any must haves. Of course, that could all change when Wii U drops in the fall—Nintendo is expected to detail the console and its launch games at E3 this summer. Still, what Nintendo games are you most excited to play? More 3DS? Wii U? A completely new surprise, a la Wii Sports? Or a specific game? Let’s hear it.


  1. So far Kid Icarus Uprising and Rhythm Heaven Fever

  2. Kid Icarus, for sure.

  3. Well… I guess #1 would be anything for Wii U, but I’m just so worried I’ll be disappointed. If they make Wii U able to play Wii games in HD, that would be enough for me, though. I’m sure they won’t.

  4. Getting hands on the finall Wii U hardware and games. I’ve always been a sucker for Nintendo consoles, but mostly the feel of the hardware and design that it applies. Gamewise, Paper Mario 3DS if I could, and The Last Story as well.

  5. Resident Evil: Revelations, Kid Icarus, and most of all Xenoblade Chronicles. Maybe the Wii U, maybe.

  6. Those in my backlog. Need to start and finish as many games as possible so I can start building a 3DS library AND have space for the Wii U.

  7. I really look forward to the WiiU. A friend of mine said that the WiiU will be a failure. But knowing Nintendo, I trust them enough that the WiiU will be anything but a failure.

  8. So far only Kid Icarus, MGS 3DS and Dragon Quest X. On the non Nintendo side, just Ni No Kuni for PS3.

  9. Pokemon MMO?
    Any Pokemon would be good.
    A new Fire Emblem?

    I have no idea what is coming. I still have a few (too many) games to get caught up on.

  10. The christmas period Nintendo’s game for WiiU

  11. Luigi’s Mansion 2, Mario Tennis, Kingdom Hearts DDD and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy! 🙂

  12. Animal-Crossing for 3DS. I hope the streetpass feature is good!!

  13. Xenoblade Chronicles, the new Tomb Raider game, Last of Us, Street Fighter X Tekken, and of course Wii U

  14. Rhythm Heaven Fever. I read somewhere it’s going to launch at 30 bucks. Oh yeah!

  15. Paper Mario 3DS. I’m a huge fan of the series.

  16. Kingdom Hearts:DDD.

    I believe that is announced for US release this year.

  17. psp vita, bioshock infinite, new tomb raider, darksiders 2, hitman absolution, prey 2, darkness 2 and zenoblade are at the top of my list

  18. Yes, here’s another vote for pretty much anything WiiU.

    Looking forward to most of the big name 3DS games coming out (Monster Hunter ANYTHING, Paper Mario, Resident Evil, etc) but even more so, and my most anticipated title, is Heroes of Ruin.

  19. I love me some Animal Crossing. Can’t wait for the 3DS version.

  20. I dunno… nothing? Not much to look forward to IMO. Kid Icarus looks cool… RE:R might be neat. Tekken 3D sounds cool. Xenoblade should be good. But to be honest… I’m not that excited about much coming out.

    I’m interested in seeing what Nintendo does with the WiiU virtual console more than anything. Is that sad?

  21. Animal crossing!
    Kid icarus uprising!
    Paper Mario!
    Bravely Default!
    Kingdom Hearts 3DS!
    There are a lot coming out this year that I’m forgetting. These are the ones stuck in my head. Can’t wait.

  22. BF3!

  23. I can’t wait for Rhythm Heaven

  24. Luigi’s Mansion 2 for sure!

  25. Kid Icarus and LM2 for sure


    And to a lesser extent, that Final Fantasy rhythm game, Luigi’s Mansion 2, and yeah. Unrelated to Nintendo… MASS EFFECT 3.

  27. I just got a 3DS, (that water temple is KILLING me!) and I’m excited for the new games that’re coming out this year. Anything Mario related I’m getting, and if the Kid I reviews are good, I will definitely pick that one up too. As for the Wii U, we’ll see.

  28. Kid Icarus!