Was touch the secret to DS success?

Since launching nearly six years ago, the Nintendo DS has enjoyed otherworldly success. It has sold faster than any video game system before it. Including both DS Lite and DSi variations, Nintendo has shipped more than 130 million units worldwide, putting the DS on pace to become the best selling system ever—a mere 10 million away from current heavy weight champion, the PlayStation 2. And it sti...

Apple Beat Nintendo to a Unified Gaming Network…For Shame

Alright, I know this isn’t an Apple blog, but today’s iPhone OS 4.0 announcement brought us word that Apple is working on a unified social gaming network. That’s right, Apple beat Nintendo to it, leaving Nintendo the only major competitor in the market that doesn’t have one. PS3 & PSP: Playstation Network X-Box 360: X-Box Live iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch: Game Center PC: Ste...

Legendary do-it-yourself-er wins WarioWare contest with irony and sneakiness

It wasn’t easy selecting a WarioWare DIY contest winner, given all the choice submissions. But for his clever use of irony and sneakiness, Legend wins. I am a Nintendo fanboy. My friend is a Sony fanboy. I don’t know how we became friends but here’s what happened: We were suppose to make something for an English project last year. Anything. My friend and I decided to make a movie. I was ...

DSiWare underwhelmed in its first year, no?

Nintendo unceremoniously reminded everyone today that DSiWare is one year old. “In just one year’s time, the Nintendo DSiWare service has offered more than 150 downloadable games and applications that illustrate the service’s reputation as a playground for creativity,” the company said in a statement, while releasing the above highlight reel of past and future games. Althou...

New Game Get: Nothing to see here

No really, there’s nothing even remotely interesting coming to either Wii or DS this week. So, uh, what are you going back to?

Could this be the Nintendo 3DS Touch Screen?

The first 3D touch screen… seems very Nintendo 3DS. What do you guys think?

A game in the Same Vein as Hotel Dusk

BEWARE OF YOUR PAST… is the e-mail i received from Tecmo Koei earlier today about a game named “Again”. A game in which you play as an FBI agent named Jonathan Weaver. Who is following the clues to the murder of his family 19 years ago. He somehow has the power to see the past which helps him on his search through an early 90’s crime-ridden New Jersey. His goal to solve a M...

Contest: Describe your proudest D.I.Y. project, win new WarioWare DS game

Wanna win the new WarioWare for Nintendo DS? Of course you do! Well here’s your chance, inventive readers: In the comments of this post, tell us the greatest “do it yourself” project you’ve ever accomplished in your life, and we’ll pick the winner from the most convincing, inspirational, and touching story—one week from today. Happy storytelling!

Let’s get real: Nintendo will never, ever put games on the iPhone/iPad

I appreciate Business Insider’s spunk, and would actually welcome Nintendo games on my iPhone and soon-to-be purchased iPad, but let’s be honest and completely un-fun for a second: With the exception of that Philips CD-i Zelda disaster that we’ll never speak of again, Nintendo will never, ever put their games on another company’s hardware.

New Game Get checks in with Wario

Fairly quiet week as far as physical releases are concerned, but WiiWare, Virtual Console, and DSiWare sure are hopping.  WarioWare DIY came out yesterday, anyone get it or plan to get the WiiWare showcase title?

PAX East: Two games that belong on Wii

While touring the PAX East exhibition floor, we had the pleasure of seeing two amazing games destined for much success: Limbo and Puzzle Quest 2. David labeled PQ2 a must buy that’s all but pre-ordered for his DS Lite, while I couldn’t stop gushing over Limbo, a simple black and white Xbox Live Arcade 2D platformer that deals in nothing but light, shadow and a pair of beady white eyes ...

DSi XL: A conditional two thumbs up

If you’re a heavy DS user, don’t particularly care for portability, and don’t mind reselling outdated gadgets to subsidize new purchases, the Nintendo DSi XL is for you. For everyone else, it’s a pass. Except for maybe anyone who has yet to buy a DS.