Legendary do-it-yourself-er wins WarioWare contest with irony and sneakiness

diy failIt wasn’t easy selecting a WarioWare DIY contest winner, given all the choice submissions. But for his clever use of irony and sneakiness, Legend wins.

I am a Nintendo fanboy. My friend is a Sony fanboy. I don’t know how we became friends but here’s what happened: We were suppose to make something for an English project last year. Anything. My friend and I decided to make a movie. I was like “How about we make The Legend of Zelda movie?” and he said “No, that’s dookie.” So I went home, thought about what to do for our movie, and it was literally a modern version of Ocarina of Time. I told my friend about the plot and he really liked it. So we started filming, and we ended the project. At the last moment, I told him the plot was exactly like Ocarina of Time and he said “Are you kidding me??? I can’t believe you did this to me”¦.. I’m never going to work with you again.” That was my greatest accomplishment. Having my anti-Nintendo friend make an Ocarina of Time movie.

Congratulations, Legend! And thanks to everyone that participated.