NiGHTS contest – winner announced!

Congratulations go out to Thomas from St. Louis, Missouri! He shared this crazy video game related dream with us and won a copy of NiGHTS for Wii:

In my dream, I was in Japan, outside of the nintendo studio where they are making Super Smash Brothers Brawl. I started shouting “Sakurai! Sakurai!”. Then some fellow nerds from Japan joined me and before I knew it we had a big group all shouting “SAKURAI! SAKURAI!” Then a Nintendo flag from in front of the building was lowered. For some reason, the lowering of this flag in my dream meant that the game had been completed. Shortly after, Sakurai walked out of the studio. Myself and all the fanboys that had been chanting with me cheered loudly and surrounded him. Then a UFO came out from the sky and crashed into a nearby railroad.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Be sure to go back and read through some of the entries for a good laugh!