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Epic New Project to be Revealed on March 27th

Warren Spector and Disney France have sent out invitations for a March 27th announcement of an “EPIC PROJECT”.   Rumors state that the announcement will reveal Epic Mickey 2, however other rumors hint that Epic Ducktales could be announced. I have

Mario and Mickey’s “missteps” are similar

Despite its obvious flaws, I’ve always been a vocal defender of Super Mario Sunshine. Lately, it seems I’ve taken the same role for Wii’s Epic Mickey, but my support isn’t the only thing these two games have in common. This

Nintendo and Disney: Two giants fixing massive belly flops

I’m a patient Nintendo fan. I forgive their occasional blunders, confident amazing things will eventually materialize. Much of that patience comes from also being a lifelong Disney fan, watching the Mouse veer from greatness (Space Mountain, Beauty and the Beast)

WiiWare Review: In Jellycar 2, Disney serves up simple graphics and deep gameplay

I smile anytime Disney and Nintendo do business together, mainly because I’d still love to see a Mario themed land at a Disney park someday. Today’s reality is a lot more basic, but it’s nice to see Disney finally contribute

Epic Mickey Review: It eventually lives up to its name

If you stick with it, Epic Mickey’s flawed-but-amazing journey leads to a spectacular gauntlet of boss battles and platform challenges where all the pieces finally fall together for a satisfying and (big sigh of relief) epic finale. If you’ve bought

Second Impressions: An update from Wasteland

Minor spoilers ahead. I originally jumped into Epic Mickey without reading any reviews or recent comments; I still don’t really know what the rest of the Infendo crew thinks of the game (according to post comments, I’m on one side