First Impressions: Epic Mickey is the best-looking game I’ve ever seen

I know beauty’s in the eye of the beholder, but”¦wow. This game is freaking gorgeous. Screen shots don’t do it justice; You have to see it in motion on your own tv. It’s like a finely detailed chalk pastel painting come to life. I kept stopping to simply stare at the living artwork on my television screen. And the visuals are really solid’not a glitch or tear to be seen yet. The ...

Epic Mickey collector’s edition threatens bank account

I’ve been trying to unclutter my life and save money: Selling DVDs I never watch, putting the brakes on my need to collect stuff… But just when I think I’m making progress, along comes Disney’s official announcement of the Epic Mickey Collector Box. Would I pay an extra $20 to get the COLLECTOR’S EDITION of Epic Mickey? Heck, yes, I would. The Case, the Wii skins, and...

This Epic Mickey cut scene is epic long

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK8xJ9q5p5E[/youtube] Looks cool, though.

Epic Mickey rumors intensify, become less rumor-like

The unconfirmed Epic Mickey Wii exclusive we told you about last week is getting more real with each passing day. Earlier, we saw some concept art from Warren Spector’s Junction Point Studios that depicted classic Disney characters in a distinctly steampunk, definitely eerie setting. Now we have some more.

Insane, creepy ‘Epic Mickey’ Disney steampunk game coming to Wii

This is the first I’d heard of this game, but the premise is pretty incredible. First, imagine Goofy, from the Disney portfolio of cartoon characters. Now, imagine him with metal parts and a demeanor that would give Tiny Tim nightmares for a year. Lastly, imagine him and the rest of Disney’s wide range of characters and theme park locales in a steampunk world that looks—at least ...