Insane, creepy ‘Epic Mickey’ Disney steampunk game coming to Wii

disneyThis is the first I’d heard of this game, but the premise is pretty incredible. First, imagine Goofy, from the Disney portfolio of cartoon characters. Now, imagine him with metal parts and a demeanor that would give Tiny Tim nightmares for a year. Lastly, imagine him and the rest of Disney’s wide range of characters and theme park locales in a steampunk world that looks—at least in concept sketches—to be completely awesome.

The end result is a mysterious project called “Epic Mickey” and I really have nothing else to go on. It’s as if the animatronics in Splash Mountain came alive like some kind of steampunk Disney zombies and decided to make a Wii exclusive.

Earlier reports hinted that this could be a platformer, meant to compete with Mario. With the right setting, I could see a darker, steamier Mickey platformer having enough leg to get that job done. The Disney brand, love it or hate it, is no joke. More artwork at Kotaku (worth checking out).

10 Responses to Insane, creepy ‘Epic Mickey’ Disney steampunk game coming to Wii

  1. WD3 says:

    Looks pretty interesting, something bery Tim Burton about those concept pieces… I’ll wait til I see something more concrete before passing judgment

  2. Andrew G. says:

    Wait, is this real? Because it looks kinda awesome!

  3. Lord Toker says:

    obviously we’ll have to reserve judgement until we get more info, but from that concept art alone it looks pretty cool. i’d love a well designed mickey game. the last good disney game i can remember with mickey (besides kingdom hearts) was the one on the genesis. castle of illusion or something like that. i remember the snes getting a mickey game too, but i was deeply disappointed that is was nothing like the genesis’ version. the nes had (i think) mickey mousecapade or something like it, but it was nothing to the illusion one either and there was this weird nes game where you go to disneyland, but that game sucked as well and was hard to understand what you were doing.

  4. -_Q says:

    The Monstro-Mech is one of the most insanely awesome things ever devised.

  5. Blake says:

    Until Disney confirms, I won’t believe it. Why on earth would they late a game maker demonize Mickey?

  6. Jim says:

    This seems like a steampunked game version of

  7. Paul says:

    Awesome. Warren Spector is the man.

  8. Ryuukuro says:

    Just remember what everyone thought when Kingdom Hearts was announced. The wrongness of Disney stuff in dark settings feels sooooo right. This could work!

  9. Reynard says:

    Just where are you getting ‘coming to Wii’ from?

  10. Joshdad says:

    @ Blake,

    I agree with you about waiting to hear confirmation from Disney itself. But I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Disney does OK such a project. Disney is probably one of the greatest (if not the greatest) companies ever when it comes to reaching out to families. But there has always been one demographic that they don’t reach quite as well – teens. Every little kid in the world loves Disney. Most adults love Disney, but not quite as many teens love Disney (or at least they won’t admit to it). I could readily see Disney doing (or allowing) something that might help reach out to this demographic.
    But, like you say, let’s wait until we hear from the mouse himself first.

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