Epic Mickey launches November 30

Epic Mickey, the Wii-exclusive that should have been a 2D platformer but will will probably rock our faces off anyway, will arrive on November 30, Disney Interactive Studios confirmed to Infendo today. A new streamlined launch trailer also arrived in our inbox, and is available here: I’m buying. Who else’s buyin’ what Warren Spector’s laying down?

Insane, creepy ‘Epic Mickey’ Disney steampunk game coming to Wii

This is the first I’d heard of this game, but the premise is pretty incredible. First, imagine Goofy, from the Disney portfolio of cartoon characters. Now, imagine him with metal parts and a demeanor that would give Tiny Tim nightmares for a year. Lastly, imagine him and the rest of Disney’s wide range of characters and theme park locales in a steampunk world that looks—at least ...