[Updated] Nintendo Direct focusing on Hyrule Warriors headed our way

Update: Fans in the UK can watch the Nintendo Direct here at the less insane time of 08:00 CEST. If you’re good with 05:00 CEST, however, feel free to tune into Nintendo of America’s broadcast here!

Original Post: Nintendo of America’s official Twitter account has revealed that a Nintendo Direct broadcast focusing on Hyrule Warriors is on the way. The live stream of the Direct will take place this Monday, August 4, at 8:00PM PT on Nintendo’s website.

It’s a strange time for a Nintendo Direct (9:00PM my time, 11:00PM Eastern), but what are you hoping to see in the broadcast? There is a bit of an overabundance of female characters that are confirmed as playable in Hyrule Warriors (8 female vs. 2 male), so I’m expecting up to two or three character reveals.

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  1. I fully expect another character reveal and because it is going to be shown in a Nintendo Direct then it has to be a big reveal. So I’m thinking Ganondorf will be a playable character as he isn’t the main villain in this game (if it turns out he is then I will be very disappointed).

  2. @Colin – as a fellow Warriors fan, you should know that Ganondorf has a high chance of being playable, even if he is the main villain. To me he’s the Lu Bu of the game: he will be there (and probably the bad guy), but he is also INCREDIBLY powerful and be one of the last unlocks. To me, more characters is a no-brainer because Hyrule Warriors is still REALLY shy of known characters (compared to all the other Warriors games). Also, I’m wondering of Tecmo Koei is going to throw in some of the characters from main line Warriors games…?

  3. I was actually expecting Lu Bu to be a hidden boss like he was in Samurai Warriors. The only other way they could include characters from their previous games is through cameo appearances such as Zuo Ci as a fortune teller or something like that.

    Hopefully on August 4th we do see more character announcements just to bolster the number of currently playable ones. That’s all I want from this Nintendo Direct.If they don’t then this game will have a pitiful number of characters even when compared to other Warriors games based on a franchise. One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 has around 30 characters.

  4. I haven’t played any of the other spin off games, so I can’t compare to those, but yeah, we need WAY more characters. And to be honest, since this isn’t “cannon,” then I don’t think they’ll be too concerned if they decide to add in other Warriors characters (or even some other Team Ninja characters). And yeah, I was saying the Ganondorf would actually be Lu Bu, but that was just the best way to describe his…”role.”

  5. If Ganondorf appears riding a sightly oversized horse, then he will have fulfilled the role of Lu Bu.

  6. I want to be excited about this game but I think I’ve already played it in Samurai Warriors 3 on my Wii.
    Plus, I don’t like the idea of mixing characters from different Zelda worlds. They should have stuck with characters only from Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword. This is not a Zelda game. This is a game designed to capitalize on Zelda fanatics. It belongs on the pile with those other games (Soul Calibre 2, Sonic: Lost World, Tekken Tag Tournament 2…etc.) Can’t wait for the REAL Zelda game on Wii U! There will be something surprising and innovative for sure!

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