Donkey Kong: Crash Course is a crash course in how to use the Wii U GamePad

After all was said and done today, Nintendo really made me a believer. Well, a believer in Nintendo Land anyways. There were certainly a few duds, but Donkey Kong: Crash Course certainly wasn’t one of them. The game is almost as hard to describe as a beautiful looking Italian lady is to talk to, but despite that fact it was most certainly fun to play.

Like the rest of the games in Nintendo Land, Crash Course is a prime example of how to use the Wii U GamePad to its fullest potential. On the television screen you will see the entire overlay of what is essentially a roller coaster ride on steroids. You are tasked with navigating through the course using the gyroscope on the Wii U GamePad, as well as using the buttons to activate mechanisms throughout the level.

Tilting the GamePad left and right controls the cart’s speed through the environment, allowing the player to control the speed and direction with the simple tilt of the wrist. As you progress through the course, more obstacles stand in the way of you and the end goal. Elevators and gates can both be controlled by pressing the corresponding button shown on screen, all while controlling the speed and direction of the cart.

The difficulty arises when the cart starts to move too fast or too slow in one direction. On one hand, moving slowly through the environment may seem like the safe bet, because it is easier to navigate. The drawback here is that while moving slow, you will not accumulate nearly as many points, and some hazards such as jumps are impassible because the required speed has not been attained.

As simple as the game sounds, the whole experience is extremely deep, and I can see it having huge replayablity. Trying to beat your friend’s score from the Miiverse will most likely be a huge draw for Crash Course, and playing local multiplayer will also be a thrill…mostly because I can see myself hitting my friends hand when he gets too close to my high score.

Crash Course seems to be yet another reason to be excited about Nintendo Land, and that’s a good thing for Nintendo for it seems like they seem to be putting a ton of stock into the game. Look for more impressions from the show floor right here on!

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