Infendo Game Night: Mario Kart 8 Tourney Results

133-Infendo Tourney Results 1

“It wasn’t perfect, but it was fun!”

Those are my words in a Miiverse post from this morning. It pretty much summarizes how Infendo’s first official game night went. I feel like I didn’t properly explain “game night” yesterday. It was Lewis’s idea for us to try to have one night a week to play games and chat via Skype, without the pressure of recording an episode of the podcast. Last night was attempt number one, and it actually went quite well.

When I had everything set up and was ready to play some Mario Kart 8 and chat with Lewis and Colin, I ended up in a race with my good friend Mike and reader Marc, who had clearly been playing for some time already. I was surprised to see that Marc was beating Mike in points, as I know from experience that Mike’s karting skills are no laughing matter. Marc would continue to dominate throughout the night, and you can see how everyone else stacked up in the results screen above this post. Actually, Mike got pretty close to surpassing Marc by the end, considering how their points matched up when I first entered the tourney.

Through most of this, Colin, Lewis, and I kept up an entertaining voice chat via Skype. I promise I wanted to record this, but I was too busy yesterday to figure out how to do it. Just like in the last episode of Infendo Radio, we talked a lot about Hyrule Warriors and Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Of course, the best moments in the chat, though, were the ones actually related to Mario Kart 8 itself. When Lewis would hit me with a shell or vice versa, there would always be some sort of reaction and commentary. And since Mike is my Mario Kart rival, I aimed quite a lot of trash talk at him, even if he couldn’t hear it.

Much of the chat was also focused on Colin’s mysterious inability to join the tournament. I suspect that had something to do with my clumsy mistake of turning shuffling on when I set up the tournament. If you know what I’m talking about, you probably know the unfortunate consequences. This leads me to explain why Colin appears so low on the rankings screen: he’s actually quite good at Mario Kart, despite not liking the series much. I suspect if the tourney had worked better, Colin would have been closer in rank to me.

This brings us to the conclusion of my tourney results post. The plan is to play a wide variety of games on game night, so I changed the Infendo tourney to not be on Tuesdays. The new, official info for the Infendo tournament is below:

  • Tournament Name: Infendo Official (it’s now open to everyone)
  • Tournament Time: Weekly on Saturdays, from 6:00 to 10:00 PM Pacific time


Finally, I uploaded some highlight reels to YouTube. They’re worth checking out:


To everyone who joined, thank you!

In addition to being a girl gamer, Holly prides herself on being a red-head. Consequently, the blue shell in the Mario Kart series is her natural enemy. Don't worry, though: she still loves Mario Kart and is very good, despite the occasional blue shell-sabotaged race. Like any Nintendo fan, Holly also loves Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, name it. But she'll try just about anything (besides horror games) and has a soft spot for unique, little-known rhythm games like Rhythm Heaven and Samba de Amigo. NNID: Aeroweth