Nintendo Direct 2.13.14 shows off a slew of new game trailers

Today’s Nintendo Direct was rife with new trailers for already-announced games. Many of these trailers simply show off more gameplay footage, as opposed to containing any big news, so I’ve compiled them into this single post. Check them out below:

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is going to arrive for Wii U in about a week. The latest trailer doesn’t reveal any new playable characters or anything of that nature (obviously), but it is a more in-depth look at the game than we’ve had before. It almost makes me want the game, even. (Click past the break for more)

Yoshi’s New Island is looking really good. The game will release in about a month on March 14th. This trailer shows off the new metal egg-dozers and numerous Yoshi transformations that will be controlled with the 3DS system’s gyro sensors.

Kirby: Triple Deluxe has deluxe power-ups, deluxe platforming, and deluxe 4-player battles. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer above and find out. The game comes out for the 3DS on May 2.

The highly anticipated, Wii U exclusive sequel to Bayonetta also got a new trailer, and it is action-packed. Fans of the original will likely appreciate the extended look at Bayonetta 2’s gameplay and characters. The game will launch “later this year.”

This early trailer of Mario Golf: World Tour was a nice addition to today’s Nintendo Direct. The game will add the new Castle Club to the series, which will allow players to play with their fully customizable Mii character. Mario Golf: World Tour will be available for the Nintendo 3DS on May 2.

Check out today’s full Nintendo Direct broadcast right here.

4 Responses to Nintendo Direct 2.13.14 shows off a slew of new game trailers

  1. MikeIsaPoet says:

    Hoping Mario Golf 3DS isn’t like Mario Tennis 3DS. Shallow, region-locked, boring.

    Also, how you not gon mention Little Mac in Smash? XD

  2. Working on it. Lotta content to post. 🙂

  3. And it definitely deserves its own post.

  4. Breyfunk says:

    It was nice to see that “X” is going to basically be an upgraded Xenoblade. Also the part where he climbs into that Gundam mid battle was epic.

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