Wii U price and release date announced

The Wii U price and release date have finally been announced, and the console will arrive on November 18, 2012, and be available in two different SKUs. The deluxe version (shown above) will be priced at $349.99 and include the console, a GamePad, AC adapter, high-speed HDMi cable, Wii U sensor bar, and 32 gigabytes of memory. The basic version (shown below) is priced at $299.99 and will include the console and GamePad, but with 8 gigabytes of memory, but without the charging cradle for the controller.

So, are you more or less excited for the Wii U launch after today’s pricing reveal? Does the deluxe set’s features justify the price, or will this be a sign that early adopters will see a price cut? We’ll have more on today’s Wii U rumblings as the day progresses. Until, start saving those pennies if you’re no longer on the fence.

15 Responses to Wii U price and release date announced

  1. Brian Foster says:

    Well I feel like I’m waiting for a price cut…. or at least until a Metroid game is out.

  2. Keith says:

    The system has potential, but the price is just too high right now. I need more than Mario to justify $300, especially when I just played one on my 3DS.

  3. raindog469 says:

    For me it’s a meh. Unlike the Wii, which drew me in with Twilight Princess right out of the gate, this has nothing for me at launch. (I’ve tried to get excited about the 2D Mario games, but that was why I got bored with the NES and never owned a SNES. I want a world to explore, not a wall.)

  4. Essel Pratt says:

    Please keep in mind that there will be approximately 50 game titles available by the end of the year, so w will have lots to choose from! Be sure to check out my post below this one that summarizes the event!

  5. InvisibleMan says:

    What’s the price of the basic version??

  6. Harrison says:

    Oops! Forgot the price for the basic version. Thanks for pointing that out, guys. Apologies.

  7. Bbelt says:

    I see lots of passionate Nintendo fans here :/ I’m getting the 32gb at launch. And Pikmin 3. And Lego City. And Rabbids.
    I’m looking forward to good times with friends, and this system is going to accommodate that. It seems like so many people, especially “gamers” are so cynical these days.

  8. Mark says:

    I think my love for Nintendo just died.

  9. Lord Lemmy says:

    Dude, I think the prices are more than fair, to be completely honest. With all the announced features Nintendo has on this thing, for free mind you, I really believe this is a fair price! I mean, it’s not in the 400-500 range, which is honestly what I think it would’ve been if it weren’t a Nintendo console. Anyhow, I’m getting two of the deluxe package: one for myself, one to auction off online to make good money off of. ;D Back when the Wii was new, I could’ve done that but didn’t think about it. There were Wiis going for $500+ on ebay! I think I even saw one auctioned for about $1000

  10. Richard says:

    The inclusion of Nintendo Land bumped me up to buying the Premium version. Also, I’m really warming up to the black console.

    I’ll also buy Lego City Undercover, Game and Wario, and Rayman when they’re available.

  11. The Adza says:

    Black one for me.

  12. Mark says:

    I already paid for, and reserved, my deluxe edition! To all of those haters who keep running their mouths about Sony and Microsoft, those systems are going to quickly go the way of Sega and Atari! They have never been able to keep up with Nintendo! Anyone who says otherwise needs to drink some ‘adult’ kool-aid!

  13. I really want this game console! I’d prefer to buy Nintendo Wii U to PS Vita. Do you have any recommended games for Wii U?

  14. Mattiac says:

    The deluxe version will cost around 580 US dollars here in Sweden (720$ for the Zombi U bundle) and the basic version will cost 432 US dollars. 🙁 Converted from our currency that is. I can’t afford to buy Wii U since I don’t have a job. 🙁 But it’s okay because I have so many other games I haven’t played yet.

  15. Mattiac says:

    PS. I wish they had a white version of the deluxe set!

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